Personal Stories Project WE ALL HAVE A STORY TO TELL Preview– Honors LGBTQ seniors’ perseverance

Personal Stories LGBTQ
Personal Stories LGBTQ
Raymond says “I wanted to re-spark my creativity.” Photo: Steve Braun

The Personal Stories Project Performance, We All Have a Story to Tell highlights the past and present of six LGBTQ seniors that range in age from 59 to 78—Janet Anne, Stefanie, Eva, Linda, Raymond, and Sandi.

Their stories illustrate their struggles and triumphs with identifying as LGBTQ and how the senior program at the Center on Addison, with the Personal Stories Project, brought them together and offered them the opportunity to tell their stories. Through 10 minute vignettes, the seniors hope to bring awareness of their struggles for equality to help future generations of LGBTQ individuals.

Each story is unique with some capturing a moment or moments in time while others span the individual’s lifetime. These stories highlight the importance of documenting LGBTQ history for younger generations to remember and appreciate that people struggled with a society that has been slow to recognize the rights of LGBTQ people.

Raymond says, “We are all survivors. People suffered to get where we are today.” Janet Anne agrees, “Ask oldsters how it used to be. It’s been hard. Learn your history."




Personal Stories LGBTQ
Janet Anne says, "quote “I witnessed firsthand the fact that police harassment existed for LGBTQ individuals.” Photo: Steve Braun
Personal Stories LGBTQ
Eva says "Enjoy being rainbow.” Photo: Steve Braun
Personal Stories LGBTQ
Linda says, “I wanted people to recognize the importance of my 52 year relationship.” Photo: Steve Braun
Personal Stories Project LGBTQ
Stefani says,“There is life after cross dressing.” Photo: Steve Braun


Monday, May 1, from 12:30 PM to 1:30PM


Lounge at the Center on Addison
808 W. Addison St.



There is limited seating with no late seating permitted. Admission is free.

Personal Stories LGBTQ
Actor: Jeannie Affelder Photo: Zoe McKenzie
Personal Stories LGBTQ
Director Ronn Smith Photo: K.S. Purvis
Actor Ted Hoerl

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