Polar Bear Stories — Churchill, Manitoba

Editor’s note:  Polar Bears!  Can you imagine being so hungry that you eat your children?  More, can you imagine being a tourist getting in the path of a bear that has that kind of appetite???

Polar Bear Town

Here is a scene from POLAR BEAR TOWN: Every fall, approximately 10,000 tourists from around the world descend on “The Polar Bear Capital of the World,” Churchill, Manitoba.

This community of about 800 people on Hudson Bay in Northern Canada is home to the annual migration of more than 1,000 hungry polar bears that pass through town as they wait for the Bay ice to return.

The new Smithsonian Channel docu-series POLAR BEAR TOWN documents a season in Churchill, following this extraordinary migration of human and four-legged animals as they collide in unexpected and sometimes dangerous ways.

This six-episode series premieres Wednesday, November 16 at 8 p.m. ET/PT. –


Photo: Courtesy of Smithsonian Channel Copyright: 2016 – Smithsonian_PolarBearTown_005-Bear-01174400

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