12th Annual Greenpoint Film Festival Presents—THE ARTIST & THE ASTRONAUT

The Artist and The Astronaut website describes the film as follows:

"...tells the unlikely love story between the artist Pat Musick, a civil rights activist, and the Apollo astronaut Jerry Carr as they participate in some of the most historic events in human history. The film is filled with never-before-seen footage of the early space pioneers and features interviews with key figures from that era. It chronicles Pat and Jerry’s vastly different paths as they traverse uncertain times, eventually coming together to render some of America’s most enduring art..."

"Bill Muench, a full-time teacher, and basketball coach, at the urging of his wife, decides to make a documentary on a local Vermont couple. He embarked on this journey with no plan or budget. In the next six years, he traveled to nine states and two continents to interview numerous Apollo Astronauts, their wives, award-winning authors, artists, art historians, and even NASA directors of mission control. Eventually teaming with music legend, Todd Hobin, they produce a story that otherwise would have never been told."

Read more about the film on THE ARTIST & THE ASTRONAUT WEBSITE

12th Annual Greenpoint Film Festival
Greenpoint Film Festival Director Ricardo Vilar Q&A with Director BILL MUENCH and Composer TODD HOBIN
The Artist & the Astronaut
Audience Q&A with Director Bill Muench & Composer TODD HOBIN
The Artist & the Astronaut
Audience Q&A with Director BILL MUENCH & Composer Todd Hobin
Greenpoint Film Festival Director RICARDO VILAR

Spokesperson Description of the 12th Annual Greenpoint Film Festival:

"...The festival is inspired by the stories yet untold and focuses on giving voices to the voiceless in the filmmaking industry while simultaneously bringing together the dazzling neighborhood of Greenpoint located in North Brooklyn. The themes of renewal and reclamation continue to play a major role in the social and creative fabric of the Greenpoint Film Festival as it constantly expands into a platform for thought-provoking and critically acclaimed stories..."

For more information about the Greenpoint Film Festival, and to receive updates on the film festival, please visit the Greenpoint Film Festival website.

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