AMONG WOLVES Review – Brotherhood as Therapy

Among Wolves follows the day-to-day life of the Wolves Motor Club in Livno, Bosnia

The last sliver of the sun creeps over the Bosnian hillsides. A herd of wild horses, grazing on the lush natural pasture, slowly fades out of view…

What seems like a serene, peaceful countryside contains a story of heartache and pain. The gorgeous scenery these majestic creatures inhabit was, decades ago, the front line of brutal, vicious war. Active landmines, long forgotten shell casings, and violent memories blanket these beautiful rolling hills. This backdrop sets the stage for the constantly surprising documentary Among Wolves.

Among Wolves follows the day-to-day life of the Wolves Motor Club in Livno, Bosnia. From the outside looking in The Wolves are a ragtag, rough looking society of men. They sport scuffed, torn leather jackets, ride motorcycles, and many allow their facial hair to grow unkempt. They drink, they curse, and they romanticize violence. In every sense of the word, The Wolves are a stereotypical biker gang. However, just like the rolling hills of Livno, not everything should be taken at face value. Things are not always as they seem.

In Among Wolves, perception is not always reality.

At the head of the Wolves is Lija, a war veteran with a heavy hand, but a soft heart. His dedication to The Wolves is surpassed only by his dedication to Livno. The Wolves philanthropic work is well documented, and the services and goods they provide are invaluable to the community. We learn that Lija not only encourages members to impact their fellow neighbors, he demands it. Whether it is as simple as fixing an electrical issue at a local school or requiring every member to donate blood to the local hospital, Lija seeks to better the lives of the people around him. The Wolves rally around this ideology and the impact reverberates through the entire group, both young and old.

When you help others, you can’t help helping yourself

Lija has more purpose to his philanthropic ideology than just helping others, and this is where Among Wolves really shines. In a country filled with unemployed veterans struggling with the mental after-effects of war, Lija has found a way to heal through brotherhood. Time may heal all wounds, but The Wolves have found a way to expedite the process.

Director Shawn Convey does a remarkable job of subtly lacing this message throughout the film and the result is a touching, unexpected post-war story that will rattle your bones and tug at your heartstrings. Any member of society would be honored to be among these wolves.

Among Wolves, in this author's opinion, is a documentary that will touch any viewer who has the privilege of seeing it, but its greatest impact will be felt by those well-versed in Bosnian culture, veterans, and anyone who struggles with mental health. Its ability to buck traditional stereotypes and show the softer side of biker gangs also deserves to be recognized.


AMONG WOLVES - Trailer from Mark of Man on Vimeo.

To view the film, visit AMONG WOLVES.

Production Crew

Director: Shawn Convey

Writer: Kevin Ripp

Cinematographer: Martin Langner

Editor: Katharina Fiedler

Music Composition: Joshua Convey & Skooby Laposky

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Luke McLaughlin

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