Ballet Hispánico presents #BUNIDOS VIDEO SERIES— Preview

Ballet Hispánico #BUNIDOS
Dancer Dandara Veiga Photo: Rachel Neville


September 15 - October 15, 2020


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Ballet Hispánico is celebrating the 50th anniversary of Hispanic Heritage Month with virtual, interactive programming, including:

Orgullo Latino Mondays @ 3:00pm EST - Hispanic leaders and influencers will share the importance of celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month and what it means to be Latinx/Latino/Latina. Participants include: Gloria Calderon and Nina Vacaamong others yet to be announced.

Salsa Tuesdays @ 1:00pm EST - Each week viewers will learn salsa steps from Colombia, Puerto Rico, Cuba and New York. Master teachers include Lyvan Verdecia, Luis Salgado, Ana Saoco, and Wil Nieves.


Ballet Hispanico B UNIDOS
Antonio Cangiano and Shelby Colona Photo by Rachel Neville
Ballet Hispanico B UNIDOS
Paulo Hernandez-Farella Photo by Rachel Neville

Wepa Wednesdays @ 6:30pm EST - Ballet Hispánico will provide a platform to other Latinx dance companies, Bombazo Dance Company, Pajarillo Pintao, Sankofa Danzafro, and Antares Danza Contemporanea to showcase their repertory and Latinx Dance genres from around the world. These watch party performances will be followed by Choreographers & Cocktails, a Q&A with our Artistic Director & CEO, Eduardo Vilaro and the Choreographers.

Tiki-Tiki Thursdays @ 6:30pm EST - Ballet Hispánico backstage tales and insider conversations from Company alumni and current dancers. Topics will cover different decades, from the birth of BH to the current dance environment.

Fiesta Fridays @ 6:30pm EST - Each week adults and children will gather to create a family favorite recipe, highlighting the history of the dish and the diversity of our food culture.

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Images courtesy of Ballet Hispánico

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