Flying Film Festival Presents CIUDAD MAYA Review – Entertaining Film with an Important Message

A group of young urban Maya operate mysterious technological instruments to carry out a kind of archaeological survey of a ruined site IMAGE COURTESY OF FLYING FILM FESTIVAL

In Ciudad Maya, the mysteries of the ancient Mayan people are explored by modern day Mayans. Showing disdain for the commercialization of their legacy, they attempt to document some of the realities of what has become a money-making tourist attraction.  It opens with images suggesting extraterrestrial involvement with the ancient peoples, and indeed, the entire film has a sci-fi feel to it.

History books and even images online show these grand ruins standing as awesome remains of a once thriving civilization that inexplicably disappeared thousands of years ago. But the young people in this film make it clear that they have not disappeared and there are proud Mayans living today.

Unable to buy expensive equipment, they make their own tools, some of which are quite clever, that they use to explore and document. At the same time they are making us aware of the encroachment of modern society, like the sound of a passing plane and trash on the ground.

With impressive visuals and imaginative camera work, Ciudad Maya is a thought provoking and entertaining film with a very important message. It runs about 24 minutes and has English subtitles.

Filmmaker Andrés Padilla Domene
Filmmaker Andrés Padilla Domene is a Media artist born in Guadalajara, Mexico. He has exhibited his work in art spaces and film festivals internationally. Lives and works between Mexico and France. IMAGE COURTESY OF FLYING FILM FESTIVAL

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