FLYING FILM FESTIVAL Presents CHAMPIONS, hosted by SWISS – 8 Minutes of Optimism

Final image in Flying Film Festival's CHAMPIONS 8-minute gem about Kurdish children in a refugee camp trying to get their soccer team accepted for the World Soccer Cup Image courtesy of Flying Film Festival
CHAMPIONS lets us meet the winning personalities of Kurdish children-- this one is the bicyclist keeping the electric motor powered by his cycling so that his fellow soccer enthusiasts can watch a game Image courtesy of Flying Film Festival
Film maker Anastasija Bräuniger has lived in Russia, Germany and England, and filmed CHAMPIONS in 2016 Image courtesy of Flying Film Festival

Maybe you too have seen the news coverage about how the Kurds—including their many valiant women fighters—have been fearless in taking on ISIS.

As if we didn’t need more reasons to root for them, filmmaker (and artist/actress) Anastasija Bräuniger has given us eight minutes of pure uplift in her short quasi-documentary about how children in a Kurdish refugee camp manage to call FIFA headquarters to inquire about how to get their team accepted into the World Cup competitions.

Amidst the squalor of the camp we meet a young man huffing and puffing as he cycles– then realizing HE is the motor keeping the generator for the TV alive such that his fellow Kurdish youth can watch a soccer game.

If you want to get a peek into Kurdish culture—start here.

Flying Film Festival on Swiss International Airlines showcases 10 compelling short films

We have to thank the Flying Film Festival, now in its second year, for shining a light on this and similar short films soon to be previewed on these pages. They are committed to showcasing unique short documentaries and similar and have the WAY COOL idea to screen these for a quasi- captive audience aboard SWISS flights, the corporate sponsor for the festival.


At the time of this writing, the best way to see all these short films in the Flying Film Festival is to book a flight on Swiss International Air Lines. Stay tuned to these pages for updates on how to find these films after this juried festival closes.


November and December 2017


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Stay tuned for more information on where to find these films after the festival ends.

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