iO Theater THE BOX SHOW Review – Imaginative and Unexpected!


Lifted four feet off the ground, a daunting cube stands in front of the audience. It's shuttered and painted completely black giving us no indication of what's inside. The lights fade and there's a muted ringing coming from inside. The doors pop open and we’re greeted by the all smiles Dominique Salerno on the phone expressing her love for this tiny New York “apartment.” And so begins THE BOX SHOW where all actions are contained inside this box.    

iO Hosts a Character Mastermind

This apartment enthusiast is only one of the twenty-five different characters Salerno plays in THE BOX SHOW. She’s created a multitude of stories each one different than the last.

We're transported from Las Vegas, to Frida Kahlo’s studio, even to ancient Greece, all without Dominique ever leaving the box. Her character work is unparalleled as every single character is different and makes us feel like we were part of these twenty-five worlds.

They range from the believable everyday person to the unexpected animated object. They’re all quirky characters that you wouldn't have thought anyone would be inspired to write a play about.


What’s a Box Show Without a Box

The box itself is also a wonder to behold as it's so simple, yet transforms itself into whatever setting Salerno needs it to be. With the front opening in four different quadrants, it’s a necessary set piece that creates moments for multiple characters in just one skit alone.

It also makes us wonder where she keeps all her props in that barely human sized box. Every element is minimal, but essential in setting her scenes and characters.

While every skit is set in some kind of box or confined space, this show is completely outside of it. THE BOX SHOW is clever, creative, and overall imaginative. Salerno is full of energy and never drops the pace in this 90 minute show. This show is a good pick for anyone who enjoys comedies made up of vignettes and perhaps something they’ve never seen before.


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Thursday April 19 at 8pm
Friday April 20 at 8pm
Saturday April 21 at 8pm


iO Theater
1501 N Kingsbury St.
Chicago, IL 60642


Tickets can be purchased online through the iO website  or at the door.


Courtesy of Dominique Salerno

Alexis Bugajski Photo: Liz Lin

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