Magazine –Music Calendar Manager – VOLUNTEER

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Magazine –Music Calendar Manager – VOLUNTEER

5+ hours/week

Picture This Post magazine,, alerts time-strapped readers to cultural offerings that are the best match for their interests in art, books, dance, film, museums, music, theater, as well as travel with a focus on culture. We not only cover culture creators and venues with high name recognition, but also delight in helping to showcase bold, creative strokes by fledgling artists in all genres.

As Music Calendar Manager you will ensure that all press releases about Music performances and other music events – all musical genres--  in the cities where we have editions are included in the Picture This Post Readers’ Calendar.


This job involves developing a working knowledge of multiple types of content on the magazine--- calendar entries, previews, interviews and roundup articles.   Prior to attending an initial volunteer orientation, you will be asked to do a guided study of this range of content in our magazine.  Please begin this study now—by combing the music section—(Note: Click a Picture to read a story; click LOAD MORE to find older stories)

This student volunteer position is designed to immerse you in the nationwide music scene- all musical genres--  and to learn about online publication.


- Commitment to fulfill tasks for all Picture This Post staff members—to remain in good standing (estimated time commitment of 30 – 60 minutes/week.) See EXPECTATIONS/REQUIREMENTS ALL STUDENT VOLUNTEERS

--Commitment to study and adhere to the Picture This Post Guidelines for Calendar Managers and other guidelines relevant to your role.

-Minimal time commitment of 5 hours/week--- except during exam and other highly demanding school schedules, which we EXPECT you to prioritize over your volunteer work.

What You Will Do:

--Upload any press releases sent to you by the Editor In Chief for the reader calendar (or return them asap if you have no time to complete this within one week).

-Use the Duplication Automation built into the Reader Calendar to ensure that music performances are listed as separate calendar events with correct dates.

-Monitor the Reader Calendar as often as daily to spot and fix any calendar errors.

-Systematically collect any/all sources of contact information for music groups and music-devoted venues, keeping a record of the total list. This will include: local newspapers or magazines/zines that focus on music;  Wikipedia and google of all online sources; checking for relevant social media groups.

-You will set up and maintain a database of music organizations by genre/location, including up to date contact information.

-You will ensure we like/follow every music organization we include in the calendar in social media, asking them to reciprocate.

-You will correspond with the Marketing /Communications personnel of music organizations and/or message them in social media to assure that they include the correct Picture This Post contacts on their media list.  You will be the main contact for these news releases and will be assigned an official Picture This Post email address for that purpose.

-You will join in shared staff duties outlined in Expectations/Requirements of All Student Volunteers tasks: completing social media posts; keeping up with the writer/editor feedback  system ( a key Picture This Post editor/writer training tool);  joining staff rotations for shared tasks such as sending newsletter opt-in emails.

Note: these miscellaneous tasks take about 30-60 minutes a week.

-You can add on to your Music Calendar Manager role with other Picture This Post Jobs—your schedule permitting.  **The top recommendation is to also get training to create previews of music performances.

What You Will Learn:

This position is an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in the nationwide music scene – you will read about and network with HUNDREDS of music venues, performers and music organizations. 

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