ONE DAY UNIVERSITY Preview – Meet Its Founder Steven Schragis

What and When:
How to Watch Movies Like a Film Professor
Marc Lapadula / Yale University
July 17, 2019 7:00 PM – 9:30 PM

Northwestern University School of Law - Thorne Auditorium
375 East Chicago Ave
Chicago, IL 60611

Film buffs among Picture This Post readers take note!!  Marc Lapadula, a professor in the Film Studies Program at Yale University is teaching a course entitled “How to Watch Movies Like a Film Professor.”  This quickie course will take you on a deep dive into movie classics such as CASABLANCA,CITIZEN KANE, REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE, PSYCHO, ON THE WATERFRONT, NIGHT OF THE HUNTER, and more. Lapadula is also a playwright, screenwriter and an award-winning film producer.

Steven Schragis

Lapadula and this quickie course are typical of what One Day University offers.  When Picture This Post editor Amy Munice received a news release about this course she immediately realized that One Day University is tailored to reach the same people that Picture this Post is—you! – the time-strapped reader who is “into” cultural offerings of all kinds and in many of the same cities.  That led us to this conversation with Steven Schragis below.

Steven Schragis relates that he was inspired to create One Day University after dropping his daughter off at college in 2007, only to find that he “and other parents yearned to go back to school – not to study or take tests, but to satisfy their thirst of knowledge and love of learning.” Twelve years later One Day University boasts 100,000 adult students and lectures in more than 60 cities nationwide, including most of the cities where Picture This Post has editions.  One Day University  courses include topics in music, art, film and many other cultural topics that Picture this Post book reviewers focus on.

Here, Picture this Post (PTP) catches up with Steven Schragis (SS) to find out more about how they select One Day University course matter and who will likely be most interested in their offerings.

(PTP) How do you choose Professors to teach these one day courses?

(SS) Every school has at least one professor that every student knows about and has heard they should take a class from. They're the most popular — the most intriguing and  the most captivating. Sometimes they're tenured heads of departments. Sometimes they're just in their second or third year of teaching. Sometimes they've also written books or do consulting work. But none of those last few things matter to us. We only care about finding GREAT TEACHERS!


What does a typical day at One Day University look like?

Usually there are three or even four professors from three different schools teaching a different one-hour class - perhaps history, psychology, and music. But sometimes there's just one of our very best professors teaching their very best class!


What type of people register to attend?  Is there a typical student?

Students tend to be 50 or over, who are really interested in learning from the most interesting professors from all over the country. "Intellectually curious" is the best phrase I can think of to describe them.


Six years ago you were in just one city. Now you're in 61 and in three countries. How do you choose where to expand? 

We have a media partner in every city. Usually it's the newspaper--Chicago Tribune, LA Times, Philadelphia Inquirer, etc. In some cases it’s another type of organization such as The Boston Symphony Orchestra. But if we can't find a local partner we simply don't go to that city.


What is the Digital Semester program?

We have spent two years videotaping our classes and also learning how to "live stream" them from all locations. That means people can now also attend via the Internet. A Digital Semester is six months, featuring two live classes a month and access to over 100  others at any time. It’s really fun and interesting. Almost 2000 people signed up in just the first few weeks.


For more information and to register for this course visit the One Day University website

Photos courtesy of ONE DAY UNIVERSITY

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