Open City Documentary Festival 2017 Opens in London

The Open City Documentary Festival is a huge London Film Festival that spans six days and several London venues. The goal of the festival is to celebrate new documentary artists and non-fiction filmmakers by giving them venues and screenings easily available to the public. In addition to hosting an annual film festival, Open City Documentary also offers training programs and projects through the Open City Documentary School.  

READ Preview for the Open City Documentary Festival's 7th Edition, and three film reviews--

Open City Documentary Festival (London) Presents Pierre-Yves Vandeweerd’s FOR THE LOST Review– War, Memory, and Madness

Open City Documentary Festival (London) Presents Pierre-Yves Vandeweerd’s LOST LAND Film Review – Memories of a Genocide the World Forgot


Open City Documentary Festival (London) Presents Pierre-Yves Vandeweerd’s THE ETERNALS Review – Remembering Armenia

About Michael Stewart, Founder of Open City Documentary Film Festival 

Michael Stewart has worked throughout his career between film and anthropology, including stints as an independent producer and within the BBC. His film work includes State of Fear (1989, with John Blake BAFTA Award nominated) What Magdalena Said (Everyman) and Biafra: Fighting a War without Guns (Timewatch). He has written for many years about  the Eastern European Roma (Gypsies) - most recently editing a book about radical anti-Gypsy politics in Europe (The Gypsy Menace, PD Hurst May 2012). He lectures in Social Anthropology at UCL and is a Champion for Social Enterprise there.


September 5th – September 10th


Cinemas across London


Available at the Open City Documentary box office or at venues.

Full details of the Open City Documentary Festival programme and ticket information can be found at The Open City Documentary Festival Website  


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