Our Heritage, Our Planet Film Week — Preview



Tuesday, October 12 - Friday, October 15, 2021

3-6 p.m. ET





Register or tickets at the Our Heritage, Our Planet Film Week website.

Hispanic Access Foundation presents the Our Heritage, Our Planet Film Week, featuring 29 films, that aim to celebrate life through the stories of Latino, Black, Indigenous, and other people of color with roots in nature. A festival spokesperson says that the festival focuses on “learning, experiencing, and uplifting the nexus between human communities and the lands, waterways, and ocean we call home… held in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, following Indigenous People’s Day.” FREE tickets are available at the Our Heritage, Our Planet Film Week website.


“More than 1,000 Black, Indigenous, Latino and other people of color submitted their films to the first-ever Our Heritage, Our Planet Film Week,” says Maite Arce, president and CEO of Hispanic Access Foundation. “Not only are these films the life's work and artistry of these amazing film makers, but these films represent stories that need to be known and shared worldwide. Through our film festival, we want to elevate their stories, culture and heritage, but we also want to start a dialogue between communities and decision-makers around the importance of engaging in climate action and policy.”

The Festival also features interactive discussions between artists, communities, and decision-makers on environmental topics. We will be showing a variety of short and feature films relating to the themes of Lands and Nature, Climate Crisis, Equity, Justice, and Health, and Ocean and Waterways. Below is the list of films selected to be shown during Our Heritage, Our Planet Film Week:

Tuesday, October 12 - Lands & Nature Day, 3 - 6 PM ET 

  • The Leaf, Leonardo Queiroz de Sá, Canada
  • However Wide the Sky: Places of Power, David Aubrey, United States
  • The Seashell, Ali Kargar, Iran
  • It Tastes Great, Abdel Filos, Panama

Wednesday, October 13 - Climate Day, 3 - 6 PM ET 

  • Orange Skies (but not like the Love song), Jesús Iñiguez, United States
  • TERRA CENE, Nono Ayuso, United Kingdom
  • Cuando nos dimos cuenta (When we finally understood), Javi Navarro, Spain
  • 8 Poems of Emigration, Kurtuluş Özgen, Turkey
  • Act for Impact, Nicole Pavia, United States
  • Lonely Whale, Steve Nguyen, United States
  • CITSALP, Jean A. Evangelista, Philippines

Thursday, October 14 - Equity, Justice, & Health Day, 3 - 6 PM ET

  • Letter from Fukushima, Yiran Wang, United States
  • Ava Kuña, Aty Kuña: indigenous woman, political woman, Julia Zulian, Brazil
  • A. Rises, GB Young, Oliver Ponce, United States
  • I Know What Pandemic Means, Frisly Soberanis, United States
  • Futur, Alexandre Laugier, France
  • SUBIRAN NAMON (Our Fishing Boat), Jai Shane Cañete, Philippines
  • Balconies in Covid Times, Juan Restrepo, Colombia
  • The Birth, Arjun Mukherjee, India

Friday, October 15 - Ocean & Waterways Day, 3 - 6 PM ET

  • WORLD PREMIERE of El Canto del Mar, Kat Reynolds, United States
  • Headwaters, Maya Elizabeth and Morgan Quintero, United States
  • Deep, Melissa Wilson, United States
  • Greenland: Journey to the Center of Climate Change, Germán Pinelo, Spain
  • On the Surface, Fan Sissoko, Iceland
  • Plastic, Sachin vs, Vivek Jangid, Indranil Ujagare, Ayushi Chattrerjee, Aaryama Somayaji, India
  • Living Water, Brandon Yadegari Moreno, United States
  • Señora Océano, Omar De Leon, United States
  • Al aire el río, Felipe Díaz, Chile

For more information please visit the Our Heritage Our Planet website.

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Images courtesy of Our Heritage, Our Home Film Week

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