Ovid. Tv Presents LE WEEK-END Review – An Anniversary Getaway to Paris

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In the hotel room, Bob Dylan’s Like a Rolling Stone blares into Nick’s headphones as he squeezes his eyes shut and jerks his head to the beat. Later that night, he pastes old photographs of people and magazine clippings of art on the bedroom wall, crafting a collage of a past life.

Nick, we see, is living in nostalgia for his past. His wife Meg on the other hand is restless and craving spontaneity. LE WEEK-END follows this aging couple on their anniversary weekend in Paris. At a restaurant Meg sneaks out of the back door, causing a ruckus, compelling Meg and Nick to race breathlessly down the midnight Parisian streets. In his exuberance, Nick buys a beer can from a convenience store, and joking proposes (again) to his wife Meg with the beer ring tab. It’s in scenes like this that the camera invites us into their story—in a very intimate way.

OVID. TV Illustrates an Aging Relationship through Intimate Acting

This is a linear story punctuated by tender moments. We see Nick and Meg delight over their meals in Parisian style restaurants. We cheer as they passionately lip-lock in the middle of the street. We smile when Meg spontaneously asks Nick to chase her through quiet cobblestone hotels.   Later, we shed tears when we watch Nick realize that he is not the person he thought himself to be.

Actor Jim Broadbent and actress Lindsay Duncan perfectly portray the bittersweet yet sometimes humorous moments between an elderly couple, in this writer’s view. Their superb acting far exceeds the power of the script. Their magnetic chemistry ropes us in.

This film will likely appeal to anyone who is interested in the complexities of an aging romance, the seductive pull of Paris, and the transformative quality of self-discovery.


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Directed by Roger Michell • Drama • With Jim Broadbent, Lindsey Duncan, Jeff Goldblum • 2013 • 93 minutes

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Claire Hou
Claire Hou

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Claire Hou is a sophomore at Brandeis University, where she is pursing a degree in English. Raised in Beijing, China and Long Island, New York, she takes every opportunity to travel and explore new cultures. In her free time, Claire enjoys reading, watching movies and visiting art museums.

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