Practical Theatre Company VIC & PAUL & DANA’S POST-PANDEMIC REVUE

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Practical Theatre Company VIC & PAUL & DANA’S POST-PANDEMIC REVUE
Image courtesy of Practical Theatre Company


Dec. 29, Dec. 30, Dec. 31, 2022, Jan. 4, Jan. 5 and Jan. 7, 2023 at 8 p.m


1934 Dempster St.
Evanston, IL 60202



For more information and tickets visit the Practical Theatre Company website.

A spokesperson describes the event as follows:

"...This year’s show, entitled “Vic & Paul & Dana’s Post-Pandemic Revue,” will star Barrosse, Zielinski, and Olsen. “We were ready to do this show last holiday season at Studio5,” said Barrosse. “But when Omicron hit, things weren’t so post-pandemic anymore and we had to cancel the show. We can’t wait to get back in front of an audience and share some laughs after all the madness everyone’s been through.”

A mix of comedy sketches and original songs, this year’s revue will tackle everything from marriage to cancel culture, conspiracy theories, Greek gods, William Shakespeare, whoopie cushions and more..."

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