Random Acts & Greenhouse Theater STRANGEST THINGS! THE MUSICAL Review – An Otherworldly Parody

Random Acts & Greenhouse Theater STRANGEST THINGS! THE MUSICAL
Molly LeCaptain as Juice in STRANGEST THINGS! Photo: Ashley Pettit

A hazy fog descends upon the audience as we take our seats. Africa by Toto is playing over the speakers. As the lights dim, a figure creeps behind the audience seats ready to storm the stage. The mood is set - we’re in for a night of spooky happenings set to the soundtrack of 80s pop hits as STRANGEST THINGS! THE MUSICAL parodies the uber-popular Netflix hit.

Random Acts’ Takes On Sci-Fi Horror

Nothing interesting ever happens in a small town, right? In the Netflix television series, Stranger Things, everything that could go wrong does. When a lab experiment goes awry, a portal to another dimension is opened. Existing parallel to our own world, this dimension is filled with darkness and other horrors, like an unidentifiable monster.

With a penchant for kidnapping, the monsters steals the unseen Will into this other dimension. In order to find him, his friends partner up with a strange girl named Eleven and his mom enlists the help of Sheriff Hopper. They all go on their missions to figure out this mystery, get Will back, and sing parodies of classic 80s karaoke hits along the way.

Random Acts & Greenhouse Theater STRANGEST THINGS! THE MUSICAL
Mariah Furlow, Alexandra Alontaga, Colleen DeRosa and Jenna Fawcett Photo: Ashley Pettit
Random Acts & Greenhouse Theater STRANGEST THINGS! THE MUSICAL
Alexandra Alontaga as Eleven Photo: Ashley Pettit

STRANGEST THINGS! Picks Up On The Little Details

The best parodies pick up on all the little details in their subject matter, highlight those little details to the highest degree, and don’t take themselves or their content too seriously. Random Acts does all of these things with STRANGEST THINGS!

It hits on all the major plot points of the eight episode television series and draws attention to all the notable details. We get the infamous wall of lights, the over-the-top evil scientist, Steve’s great hair, and of course, Barb. While some moments of STRANGEST THINGS! seem to drag, Random Acts does capture the suspense of this thriller while keeping the mood light with it’s comedic bits.

Random Acts & Greenhouse Theater STRANGEST THINGS! THE MUSICAL
The cast of STRANGEST THINGS! Photo: Ashley Pettit

Notable Standouts

Random Acts cleverly exploits everyone’s love for the show’s scene stealer, Barb, played by Christian Siebert. Siebert is as much a scene stealer as Barb is, glasses, awkwardness and all. Alexandra Alontaga playing Eleven also has her shining moment where she sings a ballad for her one true love - Eggos.

Mary LeCaptain playing Will’s mother, Juice, is also a comedic masterpiece onstage. LeCaptain has strong vocal abilities and plays Juice with as much frantic energy as Winona Ryder. Her chemistry with Sheriff Hopper, played by Kevin O’Connell, is fun to watch as they allude to their mysterious backstory while also keeping each other from falling into flashbacks.

Random Acts & Greenhouse Theater STRANGEST THINGS! THE MUSICAL
Kevin O'Connell and Molly LeCaptain Photo: Ashley Pettit

While extensive knowledge of the show isn't necessary, it does help to know it's basic premise. If you have a general sense of what everyone loves about the original show, you’ll most likely enjoy STRANGEST THINGS! THE MUSICAL. Plus, their soundtrack is pretty killer!


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Now through July 8th
Fridays & Saturdays at 8:00pm and 10:00pm


The Greenhouse Theater
2257 N. Lincoln Avenue
Chicago, IL 60614



Tickets are currently available at the Greenhouse Theater website, in person at the box office, or by calling (773) 404-7336.


Ashley Pettit


Note: An excerpt of this review appears in Theatre in Chicago.

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