Refracted Theatre Company Presents ST. SEBASTIAN — PICTURE PREVIEW

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Thru October 2, 2022


The Den Theatre (2B)
1331 N. Milwaukee Ave.



For more information and tickets visit The Den Theatre website.

Refracted Theatre Company ST. SEBASTIAN
Image courtesy of Refracted Theatre Company


Nolan Robinson (Reuben)
Mack Spotts (Gideon)
Adam Thatcher (Ben)
Understudies: Matheus Barbee and Evan B. Smith


Andrew Kramer, Playwright
Graham Miller, Artistic Director

A spokesperson describes the event as follows:

"...Ben convinces his much younger boyfriend Gideon to move out of their apartment in the city to flip a house… but he leaves out that the new house is in a historically (and currently) Black neighborhood. When Ben befriends and employs a local neighborhood kid named Reuben, the blurry line between ignorance, activism and fear lays bare how perniciously racism hides just beyond the face of “wokeness.” ..."

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Photos: Evan Hanover

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