Rhapsody Theater Presents LUCY DARLING INDULGENCE Review — Classy Bitch Joy Ride

It was the second time that Linda’s lawyer threatened to shut the show down.  But of course, that classy bitch Lucy Darling would have none of THAT… 

 Her wide eyes wider still, her pout even poutier— Lucy Darling reached out and insisted that first row audience member Linda hand over her second time ringing phone. Almost demurely, Lucy Darling told the caller—whom she had teased out was Linda’s lawyer curiously working on a Saturday —that Linda was busy at a magic show and perhaps she could call back in 80 minutes?

Initially, you too and even Henry Higgins might have a good deal of trouble placing Lucy’s accent.  It is obviously perfect diction for some location on the planet, but where?  Maybe she’s one of those traveling Kiwis so fond of working in pubs? Was that South London or Downton Abbey we were hearing, or maybe the elongated vowels of an ESL teacher’s classroom drill or??

Aha! It was an accent bred at Hogwarts, we come to realize!

That was where her imagination was captured and where we imagine she logged many hours to master the tricks of her magic show, in which martinis, their cherries, and more appear, disappear and re-appear in blinks.   Whiskey bottles multiply like fertile rabbits out of hollow tubes, as do the JK Rowling Harry Potter tomes that first brought her to the magic dance. Minds are read too— in such a way that this writer can give you a nearly 100% guarantee that your party’s after-show discussion will focus on whether X was a shill.

Though Lucy’s magic bona fides are clear, in this writer’s view they might be the least of this so-fun show.  Dressed to the nines – as in nine millions— with bustier couture accentuating her hourglass silhouette and donning a half-Lucy-Ball-and-half-Marie-Antoinette wig—Lucy’s persona of the classy bitch keeps you giggling. That’s true even if you are one of the unfortunate stiffs, as this writer was, pressed into service to excite her improv repartee.  Yes, she will get grown men to crawl on their hands and knees, or don lipstick.  If you somehow become the supporting cast in her act, do know that it’s actually quite painless, in Lucy Darling’s most able hands. The real magic, in this writer’s view, is that Lucy’s can do this without anyone feeling scandalized, except perhaps Linda’s phoning lawyer who couldn’t feel the charm offensive in the cabaret hall.

New Rhapsody Theater Has Classy Bar with CLASSY BITCH Cocktail

This classy bitch--as she refers to herself and has named a cocktail in the spiffy bar outside the cabaret theater— draws from a seemingly bottomless font of real-time wit that puts her in the league of the improv world’s best, in this writer’s view.   Expect to be entertained and try to bring a crowd.  Lucy Darling was reduced to zoom magic shows during the pandemic she shares—and that sounds even trickier than pulling a cocktail or a bourbon bottle out of the proverbial hat.


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Thru July 16, 2022
Thursday July 14, 8 PM
Friday July 15, 7:30 PM
Saturday July 16, 3:00 PM and 7:00 PM


The Rhapsody Theater
1328 West Morse


$Prices vary.

For more information and tickets visit the Rhapsody Theater website.

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