Route 66 Theatre Company Presents THE SOURCE Review— Waiting for Godot WikiLeaks Style

Who knew Julian Assange liked Chicago theater?

Route 66 Theatre and Wikileaks Timing

On the very day that Wikileaks—or was it Vladimir?—dumped an outline of how the CIA cracks phones, TVs, and more, Assange seems to have taken on a playwright pseudonym of Gabriel McKinley for the world premiere of The Source, directed by Jason Gerace.

Think of it as an imagined spy thriller rewrite of Waiting for Godot.  

Two journalists (played by Kristina Valada-Viars and Cody Proctor) meet for the first time in a hotel room while they wait for the source of the play’s title. They have followed every precaution to keep this meeting tip top secret. An oil and vinegar odd couple, they live out this wait in a hotel room that feels smaller and smaller with the passage of time.   Is the source in danger, still alive, or maybe their enemy?


For 85 minutes, these two superb actors rivet your attention. As the walls close in on them, they close in on us too. Clare Chrzan’s lighting design, Mark Comiskey’s Projection Design, and Christopher Kriz’ sound design are ever-present to help ratchet up the paranoia.

Without nudity, the boredom of the bunker undresses these characters completely.  That becomes the beauty of the script above and beyond its Wikileaks trappings.

Maybe Julian Assange didn’t write it and Gabriel McKinley is a real name??

Or maybe “Gabriel McKinley” is a cryptogram????




Note:  An excerpt of this review appears in Theatre in Chicago.


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