Second City ALGORITHM NATION OR THE STATIC QUO Review – Topical & Punchy

Second City ALGORITHM NATION OR THE STATIC QUO Review - Topical & Punchy, RECOMMENDED by Alexis Bugajski as a Best Play Pick

We should all be scared about Facebook using our personal data. That is, unless you’re going to see Second City’s newest mainstage show ALGORITHM NATION OR THE STATUS QUO. Under the premise of being “sponsored” by Facebook, this show has “mined” all of the audience members’ data so we know we’re programmed to like it. So no need to be scared, just embrace it!

Second City Starts off Topical

Second City has a variety of shows under in its lineup where some try to keep things light and focused on witty jokes and punchlines.

ALGORITHM NATION is not that show.

Before the show even begins, it starts with a hot take on a hot topic. We know there’s been some issues with Facebook’s privacy as of late, so why not make it the cause for this show? Our pre-show announcement lets us know to turn off our cell phones and sit back and enjoy the show because the Facebook algorithm has curated all the content of the show just for us based on what it knows we like!

And the opening does not let up on the political gas pedal. After a barrage of gunfire where the entire cast are casualties, we’re taken to a “woke” dinner party, followed by a rally for white women for Trump.

All of these sketches feel like they are worthy to be the opener for Saturday Night Live as they have, in this writer’s view,  the same flair for satire on today’s political landscape.

Life’s Funny Moments

Sure, ALGORITHM NATION has its share of political jokes, but interspersed between the Mike Pence dance number and the awkward Jewish/Palestinian Uber ride, the cast performs sketches that capture some life moments and put their hilarious spin on them.

(L-R) Tyler Davis, Ryan Asher, Emma Pope, Nate Varrone, Kimberly Michelle Vaughn, Jeffrey Murdoch. Photo by Todd Rosenberg
Tyler Davis. Photo by Timothy M. Schmidt

How awkward is it when a bride gets left at the altar? Well how about we kick that awkwardness up a notch and the DJ just finds out at the reception. But don’t worry, Kimberly Michelle Vaughn masterfully fights through her tears as she gets down to the Cha-Cha Slide.

Those high school friends who clog up your newsfeed with their latest sales pitch? Ryan Asher and Emma Pope are those over-exuberant promoters in real life and we feel we can all relate to their beauty product/weight loss promotions that will surely change your life!

And don’t even get Nate Varrone and Tyler Davis started when it comes to azaleas vs begonias because these garden flowers will come to blows if necessary.

The cast does a superb job carrying their sketches and landing the punchlines as the audience is rolling in their seats during each one. In addition to these sketches, there’s a variety of other improv forms that make their way into this show like some audience interaction, a song or two, and improv games.

Jeffrey Murdoch. Photo by Timothy M. Schmidt
Emma Pope. Photo by Timothy M. Schmidt

ALGORITHM NATION is probably the best fit for those who are more left leaning with their political views, but even if you lean more to the other side, there’s still a lot of content to laugh at. It might not be the best fit for those who prefer to keep politics at the door, but this show is a fun night out for some laughs in this Facebook dominated day and age.


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Ryan Asher
Tyler Davis
Jeffrey Murdoch
Nate Varrone
Emma Pope
Kimberly Michelle Vaughn


Matt Hovde
Vinnie Pillarella
Craig Taylor
Andrew Alexander
Steve Johnston
D'Arcy Stuart
Jen Hoyt
Alison Riley
Jeremy Smith


Tuesday - Thursday @ 8:00 p.m.
Friday - Saturday @ 8:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m.
Sunday @ 7:00 p.m.


Second City Mainstage
1616 N. Wells St.
Chicago, IL



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