SEVEN LOVERS Film Review – The Reality of Dating Combined with Escapism

Erin Darke as Laura

Keith Boynton has managed to capture the reality of modern dating in his entrancing film SEVEN LOVERS. The incredible highs and utterly frightening lows are all tackled with the subtlety necessary to remain entertaining while still being insightful and imaginative. While the topic of modern dating is an often-explored topic, Boynton has a fresh point-of-view and an obvious whimsy that is necessary for a film like this to work.

Fran Kranz and Erin Darke

A Thinly Veiled Metaphor of the Times We Live In

This extremely dark comedy centers around a town where a businessman and his prominent family are on a destructive stampede, and recruiting others to join in their annihilation. We meet characters from drunks to scholars to logicians to women who love cats. We see reactions from each character’s point of view and follow them as they decide to resist or become isolated victims of the mob mentality.

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Andy Blaustein and Chris Fowler

Seven Lovers--Common Plot, Uncommon Film

Laura is a young woman living in New York City. The film follows her, non-linearly, through 7 relationships with 7 different men. Each relationship is tackled in a different filmmaking style. There is typical “meet cute,” direct to camera dialogue and even a musical within the film.

Erin Darke

The film focuses solely on Laura’s actions in each relationship which gives it a unique perspective and take on this sometimes overdone idea. For this reason, among many others, this film stands out among the genre it seeks to defy. Are we truly different people based on who we are with?

Gia Crovatin and Erin Darke

Realistic and Graceful Performances

Erin Darke’s embodiment of Laura is a marvel. She is never unrealistic or too cute or any sort of typical “movie girl.” Darke gives Laura the depth and respect she deserves.

Fran Kranz portrays Brian, one of the men Laura dates throughout her journey. While the writing of this character is something of genius, Kranz brings him to life with an irresistible and captivating allure. Even the most jaded movie-goer will fall in love with his infectious awkwardness and relate to his incredible way of constantly being on the verge of emotional overflow.

Fran Kranz and Erin Darke

If you are a lover of romantic comedy, Boynton’s film cannot be recommended highly enough. If you are not a fan of the genre, this film may change your mind. It could be mentioned among the greats of the genre, old and new, and hold up in comparison. As a comparison, if you loved ANNIE HALL and (500) DAYS OF SUMMER, see this completely delightful and timely romance.

Top Pick For: Romantics and those that used to be romantics and want to go back
Not recommended for: Action Seekers

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Peter Mark Kendall and Erin Darke
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