Spot On Company presents BLUE OVER YOU Preview — love, mystery & musical bits

Spot On Company BLUE OVER YOU
"Where is Mitzi?" As Francis in Daniel Noonan's BLUE OVER YOU, Michael Joseph Mitchell aims to find his missing wife. Photo by Maia Rosenfeld
Spot On Company BLUE OVER YOU
Playwright Daniel Noonan wears red to contemplate the world premiere of BLUE OVER YOU Photo courtesy of Spot On Company

“Oh Lord! What were we thinking?”

Here’s what director Sarah Whitney and playwright Dan Noonan were thinking: Noonan’s play, BLUE OVER YOU, would bring laughter and tears to audiences. After many years of fine-tuning the script but no production offers, explains Noonan, “the idea of producing it ourselves began to percolate.”

They formed Spot On Company because, says Whitney, “LITS – Life Is Too Short.”

“I stuck out my pinky which Dan knew he needed to swear on,” adds Whitney. So Noonan stuck out his pinky and now the show opens on January 5th  in an intimate performance space at Evanston’s Northminister Presbyterian Church.

In BLUE OVER YOU, a high school drama teacher named Francis comes home one day to discover that his wife Mitzi is missing. It’s a solo show (with “musical bits”) and therefore less stressful to stage.  

Less stressful -- unless you’re the actor playing Francis. That would be Michael Joseph Mitchell. “Learning a solo show is WAY stressful,” says Mitchell. But he adds, “I’ve chipped in my two cents for years” as the script was developed in readings and workshops. “When Sarah and Dan decided to take charge and produce it themselves, I simply had to say yes.”


Spot On Company BLUE OVER YOU
Actor Michael Joseph Mitchell runs lines for local critics Chewey and Rosie...
Spot On Company BLUE OVER YOU
...but some of their feedback is a little tough to take.
Spot On Company BLUE OVER YOU
Daniel Noonan's sons review dad's script...
Spot On Company BLUE OVER YOU
...and declare it ready for prime time -- onstage of course.

How’s it going? Sometimes it feels like it’s all uphill. But mostly it’s a joy. Besides his wondrous script, Whitney claims that Noonan’s big heart keeps them chugging along. “Dan’s middle name is compassion which, I told his mom, is kind of weird.”

Who could use a little compassion, plus humor and heart and music in the middle of winter? Just about everyone.

BLUE OVER YOU runs January 5-28. For much more information, visit


January 5-28
Fridays & Saturdays at 8:00 PM
Sundays at 3:00 PM


Northminster Presbyterian Church
2515 Central Park Ave.
Evanston, IL



Spot On Company BLUE OVER YOU
Director Sarah Whitney smiles warmly on the January opening of BLUE OVER YOU

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