SWISS Flying Film Festival Presents A SECOND BIRTHDAY Review – Slice of Fight For Life

It’s the father’s love, we quickly come to realize, somehow holding the camera steady to shine on what he must imagine- in some recess- may be the last moments to treasure of his engaging son’s life.

Doe-eyed and ever ready for fun, 9 year-old Misha finds ways to fill every moment with play, make believe and a non-stop imagination. The real-world that filters in is one where he is on a waiting list for a liver. His is broken. A new one will be the title’s “..Second Birthday”.

That the parents come to soothe and the sister to play, paints a normalcy on a most aberrant event—a young child’s brush with death.

Even though you know it will have a happy ending, expect a lump in your throat throughout the film. This film is recommended to anyone who has ever loved anyone—period.

Flying Film Festival A SECOND BIRTHDAY
Filmmaker Georg Zeller
Flying Film Festival A SECOND BIRTHDAY

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November and December 2017


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Images courtesy of Flying Film Festival


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