Victory Gardens WAITING FOR GODOT Review – Oh Yes, We’re Still Waiting

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Vladimir and Eragon are waiting. They will forever be caught in this perpetual plane of existence, or perhaps non-existence, if you’re so inclined. And here we catch them, still waiting, in Victory Garden’s production of WAITING FOR GODOT.

Beckett’s Work at Victory Gardens

Dubbed by many as one of the most influential plays of the 20th century, Victory Gardens brings the mid-century play to the stage and keeps it the same as it’s ever been. Though, this shouldn’t come as a surprise, because as Didi and Gogo are perpetually stuck in this ambiguous, existentialist state, why should the play itself be any different?

The set remains the traditional barren landscape with a mound of dirt to the left --or perhaps grave, if you interpret it as such--, and a bare tree standing to the right.

Didi and GoGo, played respectively by Larry Neumann Jr. and Mike Saad, still come to this place every day.   Didi is concerned GoGo might not be there the next day, since GoGo always has a tendency to fall asleep.

Pozzo played by Steve Pickering crosses paths with the two as the entitled landowner keeping a tight leash on his pig Lucky. And, Lucky, played by Nima Rakhshanifar, sways back and forth like he’s on his last legs and could collapse at any second.

(front) Nima Rakhshanifar plays Lucky, (behind, from left) Larry Neumann Jr. plays Vladimir, Michael Saad plays Estragon and Steve Pickering is Pozzo

Books Become Part of the Show

The only difference to note about this production of WAITING FOR GODOT is that there were some last minute casting changes late in the rehearsal process. This means two actors (Vladimir and Pozzo) might need books with them onstage in order to prevent stalling the action as they delivered the show. At this particular show they did perform with books, but this will mostly likely change as the production progresses.

In this writer’s opinion, it didn’t take away from the play, or cause us to not be able to suspend our disbelief. Rather, it gives a testament to these actors’ skills as they were able to deliver lines with inflection and believability that made us forget these prop books are cleverly disguised playscripts.

For Beckett Fans and Theatre Traditionalists

If you have been, are, and always will be a Beckett fan, this production of WAITING FOR GODOT will not disappoint. The script is carried off well -- the actors and all other aspects of the production remain true to its originally produced form.

If you’re not a die-hard Beckett fan, you still might like this if you like dialogue heavy shows, and have some prior experience with existential thinking. If none of these appeal to you, you can sit this one out at home.

Larry Neumann Jr. (left) plays Vladimir and Michael Saad is Estragon
Larry Neumann Jr. (left) plays Vladimir and Michael Saad is Estragon
Michael Saad (left) plays Estragon and Larry Neumann Jr. is Vladimir


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Mike Saad
Neumann Jr.
Nima Rakhshanifar
Steve Pickering
Cooper Hoyt


Directed by Dennis Začek^
Scenic and
Lighting Design by Patrick Kerwin
Costume Design by Isaac Jay Pineda
Sound Design by Andre Pluess
Production Stage Manager: Tina M. Jach*
Publicity: Jay Kelly PR
Photography: Charles Osgood
Graphic Design: Zachary Začek


Through December 15, 2019

Wednesdays through Saturdays at 8 p.m.
Sundays at 4 p.m.
Exception: No show Thursday, November 28 (Thanksgiving).
There is an added 4 p.m. matinee on Saturday, November 30.


Victory Gardens Theater,
2433 N. Lincoln Avenue



For full price tickets and ticket availability visit Victory Gardens Theater website or by calling (773) 871-3000

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Photos by Charles Osgood

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Alexis Bugajski Photo: Liz Lin

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