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Our words draw pictures; Our pictures pen narratives

Picture This....

Picture This has many meanings on these pages.

Yes—one meaning is quite literal.  You will find many pictures on these pages.  We hope that one or another will make you want to zoom in for a closer look or slow down to read the story they adorn.

We know you are busy and time-strapped.  And we know that you—just like our writers— love cultural offerings—theater, music, dance, art, film and more.

We also know that what YOU love might not be the same as what the next person likes, or even match up with the authors of our stories.  We aim to be your matchmaker—helping you to find the best shows, exhibits, films or other cultural offering worthy of your precious time.

And, that's why our writers try to DESCRIBE more than critique.  When we are successful, every one of our stories could begin with the words-- PICTURE THIS...

Or perhaps IMAGINE THIS...

You won't find spoilers here.

You will find enthusiasm.

Here's why

Our writers write because the love to write!  They don't have to cover any particular beat.  They are free to cherry pick the music, dance, theater, film, museum or art offering that they think will most amuse or move them personally.  When they travel, they choose their itinerary.

We try not to gush.  Sometimes that is a tall order.  With so much talent on our stages, cinema screens, museum walls and beyond, it's sometimes difficult not to crow loudly.  More, we consider it our mission to support the arts and artists.

Many of our writers are true insiders.  Our play reviews are often penned by actors, directors and playwrights, for example.  Many of our dance reviews are authored by choreographers and we especially love it when composers take time to write our music reviews.  These writers are tasked with giving us, the readers, the benefits of their insider knowledge without burdening us with what we call inside baseball.