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Team up with someone you know well who is at least 20 years older or younger than you to talk about some of the hot topics of our times such as BLACK LIVES MATTER, SCHOOL REFORM, US POLITICS, CLIMATE CHANGE, AND MORE.


Describe places you have been where worlds collide.  It could be places where East meets West, where rich meets poor, where hip meet staid, or even a bus or cafe where competing cellphone conversations dance in the air.

What's My Name??--

Make suggestions for crowd-sourced naming. Send your photo, artwork, song, poem, story, or descriptions of your circa now attitudes for others to name.

You then get to help pick the winner, if they are a stranger to you.




Travel Stories:

Had an interesting travel experience?

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Poets, playwrights, story tellers, authors, artists, musicians, philosophers, social critics, essayists, all—

Picture This Post will publish your works and works-in-progress and do our best to get you feedback from readers and the limelight you deserve.

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