Blue Goose Theatre Presents BISON? BISON. BISON! Review

Blue Goose Theatre BISON BISON BISON
Zach Tabor (left) and Londen Shannon (right) Photo: Brent Ervin-Eikhoff

It’s a beautiful day at Winnemac Park- sun shining, birds chirping, and countless dogs wandering by as the performance begins. Families and friends sit spread out on blankets and the grass watching curiously as the ensemble begins to sing. They traipse back and forth singing together about the beauty of America and the endangerment of the bison species. The performance is cute, sweet, interactive, and just funny enough to keep the audience engaged.

Bison? Bison. Bison! is a short musical with a tiny ensemble, consisting of five members- Evan Cullinan, Hannah Larson, Kathleen Niemann, Londen Shannon, and Zach Tabor. They consistently interact with guitarist Brian Riemer as they move from scene to scene, always finishing with a song. The movement and direction (by Jessica Ervin and Brent Ervin-Eickhoff, respectively) add to the energy of the performance, as does the commitment of Blue Goose Theatre Ensemble company member Evan Cullinan. A clear standout, Cullinan consistently keeps the audience involved, at one point screaming his support for Theodore Roosevelt with so much gusto that the audience is caught up in the excitement and hilarity.

Blue Goose Theatre BISON BISON BISON
(left to right) Hannah Larson, Evan Cullinan, Kathleen Nieman, Londen Shannon and Zach Tabor Photo: Brent Ervin-Eikhoff

The performance is cute and the ensemble talented and committed. The kids in the audience are clearly having a blast, and this writer would recommend the play as a fun alternative for family fun.


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Touhy Park on Saturday, August 5 at 4 PM.
Columbus Park on Sunday, August 30 at 6 PM.

Tickets: Free

For more information visit Blue Goose Theatre's website.


Photos:  Top slider -Peter Kachergis, all others courtesy of Blue Goose Theatre

Blue Goose Theatre BISON BISON BISON
(left to right) Londen Shannon, Zach Tabor, Evan Cullinan, Kathleen Niemen and Hannah Larson Photo: Brent Erkin-Eikhoff
Blue Goose Theatre BISON BISON BISON
(left to right) Kathleen Niemen, Evan Cullinan, Zach Tabor, Hannah Larson and Londen Shannon Photo: Brent Erkin-Eikhoff

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