Blue Panther Productions Presents DYLAN BRODY’S DRIVING HOLLYWOOD Review – Genuine, Funny Storytelling

Blue Panther Productions - Driving Hollywood
Photo by Laura Lundy

Blue Panther Productions presents one-man show DYLAN BRODY’S DRIVING HOLLYWOOD that delivers a sense of genuine emotion rarely seen in the genre. Dylan Brody, the writer, performer and subject of the show, takes us inside his mind. We become privy to everything he thinks, why he thinks it and what, in reality, actually took place in his real life.


We spend a day with Brody is driving into Hollywood to meet a man who could potentially change the course of his career. The drive gives him time to reflect and share anecdotes of his formative years, as well as years spent in show business. We take a non-linear, thoughtfully funny journey through his life that has led him to this hopeful moment.

Blue Panther Productions - Driving Hollywood
Photo by Laura Lundy


The minimal set and intimate setting make it possible to fully focus on Brody’s words. The performance space is very small, allowing Brody to actually interact with the audience. There are moments where he appears, or possibly actually was, at a loss for a certain word and asks the audience for assistance. If it’s scripted, it is delivered with such honesty that it is impossible to tell. He even took a moment to say, “bless you” to a patron who sneezed during the show. This is not an audience participation type of interaction. It is simply keeping the show’s conversational nature real and endearing.


Blue Panther Productions - Driving Hollywood
Photo by Laura Lundy

The art of using storytelling as a means of comedy is not a new idea. Brody, however, keeps the content unpredictable and never even remotely approaches a lull in thought-provoking or outright hilarious monologues. He has been compared to Mark Twain and been called “brilliant” by Robin Williams. As a completely fresh observer of Brody’s style, this writer can say both of these accolades are warranted. If you know nothing of this man, be prepared to love him. He gives us a rare view inside an artist’s mind in which we find everything we always hoped resides there. We find comedy, melancholy, wit and anger. We can only assume it’s always entertaining inside that brain

The evening could potentially be viewed as stand-up comedy.  Brody has history in that world, as we find out during the course of the show.  If you come expecting that, you won’t be disappointed.  However, there is a much more satisfying layer to this performance.  The jokes are funny, yes, but also provoke thoughts on being an artist working in a business or conforming to what is expected of us.  If somehow Brody’s eloquence doesn’t move you, the jokes will certainly entertain you.


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Top Pick For: Intellectual Humor Seekers
Not recommended for: Those seeking an action-packed evening of entertainment


May 3 - May 20, 2017

Wednesday - Saturday at 8:00PM


Apollo Theater Chicago
2540 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago



$35 for VIP front row seats plus post show meeting and photo op

Online at http://www.ticketmaster/com/Apollo-Theater-tickets-Chicago/venue/57346

By phone at 773-935-6100

Blue Panther Productions - Driving Hollywood
Photo by Laura Lundy
Blue Panther Productions - Driving Hollywood
Photo by Cat Gwynn

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