DavJasFran Entertainment Presents UWWFEST Review- from spooky to thought-provoking

Nothing says Halloween like an eclectic medley of chilling ghost stories. This is Uwwfest, a collection of seven ten-minute plays all with a central theme: ghosts. This theme allowed for quite a bit of creativity and originality, with each play telling a completely different story. From a man besieged by spirits he killed in a grocery store to a daughter in love with the man her mother killed, the variety and the sheer creepiness are clear from play to play.

DavJasFran Presents UWWFEST
Photo: Davette J. Franklin

Uwwfest accomplishes an incredible amount in a very short time. The seven separate stories showcase quite a few talented up-and-coming actors and directors on the Chicago theater scene, and they utilize countless lighting and spacing techniques that keep each story as scary as the one before it. The actors put their heart and soul into each performance, capturing the audience with their portrayals of heartbreak, fear, and desolation. The directors accomplish the same goal, utilizing the small stage not only in a variety of ways, but also in extremely powerful ways.

The success of Uwwfest depends largely upon the different attempts made by each ten-minute production. To this writer, some of these productions fall flat, seeming to rely on dramatic repetition and exposition to tell the story. Others are truly bone-chillingly scary, like “Five,” and this writer hopes to see more stories like this one at next year’s Uwwfest.




Written by Tanzania Warren and Jasmine Martin

Directed by Davette J. Franklin

Rami Abushab

Danielle Fraser

Davette J. Franklin

Amariss Harris

Miles Weimer

The Greatest Orchestra in the World

Written by Aaron Adair

Directed by Davette J. Franklin

Takeisha Shanklin

Shawn Hunt

Andy Gans


DavJasFran Presents UWWFEST
Photo: Davette J. Franklin


Written by Dakota Vasseen

Directed by Davette J. Franklin and Dakota Vasseen

Miles Weimer

Anah Ambuchi

Al Cain

Alison Kasbee

Dylan Walker

Kandice Robins

Loa Guys and Voodoo Dolls

Written by John Weagly

Directed by Davette J. Franklin

Tessa Marie Hoffman

Peter Vitale

Edwin Dupry

Written by Janet Ro

Directed by Janet Ro

Al Cain

Natascha Skye-Buschmann

Anna Ogden

Jordan Crites

Two Occasions

Written by Veronica Franklin

Directed by Davette J. Franklin

Allison Kasbee

Mary A. McCormack

Daniel Millhouse

Matthew Nielsen

Tessa Marie Hoffman


Written by Lonnie McGuire

Directed by Davette J. Franklin

Melanie Deprest

Sarah Allyn Althen

Michael Nguyen

Andy Gans

Narrated by Chetwyn Rodgers


Uwwfest is an annual event. For more information visit the DavJasFran Entertainment Website.

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