SWISS Flying Film Festival Presents NOTTURNO Review – Almost Forgotten Visions

Flying Film Festival NOTTORNO

How interesting for a film maker—whom one presumes to be among the more visually oriented of us—to choose the subject of blindness to portray with film. It is the sound editing perhaps that they are unleashed to focus on, as the subjects of Notturno are blind women who recount childhood visions of theirs--with a visual sense they all once had.

These seem to be old memories – and at times the screen lets in images that match the story the women are telling. One woman, is recounting what surreal looks like when you don’t see. Then, we hear what someone looks like to a blind woman’s hands as she feels the contours of a face.

Flying Film Festival Short

Only 15 minutes in length, Notturno left this writer feeling like the onset of visuals was almost a distraction for what the women saw.

A society for the blind in Milan was a consultant on this film. It is effective and attention-getting.

Flying Film Festival NOTTORNO
Flying Film Festival NOTTORNO

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