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We help time-strapped readers find travel and cultural offerings that best match their interests.

Our readers are all about the arts, culture and travel.

We NEVER review adult fiction books.

The non-fiction books for adults that Picture this Post reviews fit into these non-fiction genres:




Photography, and also a wide range of topics discussed in photo-centric books

Biography, autobiography and memoir in the creative arts area



Picture This Post also covers children’s picture books. These may be fiction, although YA Fiction chapter books are not reviewed by Picture This Post.

We especially seek out children's titles related to the following:

Books where the illustration is the focus

Performing arts
Famous artists and historical figures
Music, Dance, Theater, Film—and all culture areas covered by other sections of our magazine


Per our name, we LOVE photos/artwork—preferably more than just the author’s head shot and book cover.

We typically use every image that is sent to us for a review.

We are unable to publish unless we have a minimum of one image. Our ability to repeatedly share our review in social media is hampered if we have few photos.

Review Copies:

Our reviewer typically needs a physical copy of the book. We need to know ahead of time if a review copy is available via pdf, hard cover or both. We also ask that when a review copy is shipped that we receive an email notification when possible.


Embargo/Due Dates:

Any requests that you have as a publisher, such are embargoes and due dates need to be clearly communicated.

For additional information, please contact:

Amy Munice, Editor, Picture This Post

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