Aleatoric Theatre and Back of the Yards Present COME ‘N GO Review – Dating in the Modern World

Breakups are an unavoidable fact of life. Sometimes they’re an amicable split, but more often than not they’re messy, hurtful, and usually one person is left more heartbroken than the other. What’s a person to do when suddenly they find themselves single again? Join the dating scene of course! Following two sisters and their best friend, COME ‘N GO tries to understand what makes a guy tick and how sometimes the answers are standing right in front of you.

Aleatoric and Back of the Yards Entertainment Set Up in a Dive Bar

Accompanied by the sounds of airplanes flying overhead, our story begins in the Come ‘N Go dive bar, located across the tarmac from O'Hare airport. Taken out against her will, recently dumped Rachel accompanies her overprotective older sister, Julia, to the Come ‘N Go to celebrate her birthday. Little did they expect to find more than a girls’ night out. Meeting some guys in the bar, Julia has an idea to interview men to understand how they work in the dating scene and write a book about it.

Interspersed between scenes happening in real-time, we break away for a few moments and hear stories from men about leaving a true love behind, a broken childless marriage, and even how sometimes you gotta get into a Superman costume to make your sex life a little interesting.

Through all of these stories and other challenges the sisters face along the way, we hope they get the happy ending they’re searching for.

Prime Rom-Com Material

While this play’s dating scene is up to date with references to every dating app under the sun - Binder, OkStupid, Bagel and Lox, etc - the storyline is still your run-of-the-mill romantic comedy. The three ladies of Come ‘N Go are all preoccupied with one thing - relationships. Rachel is trying to decide between her old beau and a new love interest, Julia is determined to save her marriage with a book proposal, and Vickie is just trying to get a text back.

There’s some heavy moments the audience can chew on when we delve into the character’s backstories. For this writer, the characters went back and forth between being realistic and captivating in those serious moments and over exaggerated caricatures of people in every other instance.

Relatable in More Ways Than One

Throughout the show, you might be thinking,“it’s just like seeing my life there on stage” or “can you imagine dating in this day and age?” For some, the story of COME ‘N GO resonates because it’s eerily similar to their everyday lives, for others it speaks to them because they’ve got that outsiders perspective and are thankful they don’t have to date in today’s technology ridden world.

COME ‘N GO would be a good pick for anyone who loves rom-com movies and those looking for a light hearted play. It might not be the best pick for those looking for some heavier dramatic material or wants a less cliché ending.


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Melinda “MJ” Deamon........Julia
Jesse Hungerford...........Sam
Dylan Jost.................Curt/Bad Dates/David
Brian Kowalski.............Joe
Kimberly Logan.............Vickie
John Miraglia..............Rick
Frank Ondorf...............Nick
Derek Quesada..............Miguel
Sara Ann Tomczak..........Rachel


Nicholas Ryan Lamb........Director/Co-Producer
Diana Mucci...............Playwright/Co-Producer
Carol Melnick.............Stage Manager
Collin G. Helou...........Lighting Design
Drake Dole................Projection Design
Cody Von Ruden............Costume Design
Henry Clay-Barbour........Audio Visual Apprentice


Now through September 30, 2018
Fridays and Saturdays at 7:00pm
Sundays at 2:00pm


The Factory Theater
1623 Howard Street
Chicago, IL

For more information visit the Aleatoric Theatre website.

All Photos by Lawrence Brown, Photographer Website blophoto. Instagram @blophoto.

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Alexis Bugajski Photo: Liz Lin

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