American Players Theatre MACBETH Review – The Gritty Side of Scotland

The sun begins to set on the forest surrounding the Hill Theatre.

 Through the opening in the back wall, we see smoke beginning to rise through the trees some distance away. A small plume at first, slowly creeping towards the stage. It grows larger and larger until it envelops the entire back entry way.

 The three witches make their way to the stage as if being called there by a force.

 Suddenly, with drums pounding, an army rushes through the fog and clamors onto the stage.

 A beat passes as they stare mercilessly into the crowd. With an almighty cry and beating armor, they rush into the crowd as if rushing into battle. This is the start of Shakespeare’s Scottish play, MACBETH, as imagined by American Players Theatre.

American Players Theatre MACBETH
Melisa Pereyra & Marcus Truschinski
American Players Theatre MACBETH
Melisa Pereyra & Marcus Truschinski

Passionate Descents into Madness

In this writer’s view, each member of the large ensemble approaches their role with ferocity. Cristina Panfilio who plays Malcolm, daughter of the murdered King Duncan, delivers an especially impassioned speech calling for Macduff’s aid in the fight to reclaim Scotland.

We feel Macduff’s pain as Gavin Lawrence suffers in agony over his lost family. Even the other Macduff family members show their teeth as Lady Macduff played by Alys Dickerson fights for her life against murderers after her family.

It is Macbeth and Lady Macbeth played by Marcus Truschinski and Melisa Pereyra, respectively, that we most feel for as we watch them slowly descend into madness. We see their passion right from the start and we see how their strong emotions start to turn against them. When Pereyra as  Lady Macbeth descends down from her bedroom in her sleepwalking scene, we hold our breath as she shakes and breaks down before us.  And with Truschinski’s Macbeth, we see this murderous king’s unraveling faster and faster as he moves towards his untimely end. These actors leave us stunned at their raw emotional performances.

American Players Theatre MACBETH
Marcus Truschinski

American Players Theatre Amplifies Scottish Roots and Inspiration

The aesthetic of American Players MACBETH feels like a dream state of Braveheart. The costumes draw inspiration from traditional Scottish garb with leg wraps and kilt-like bottoms. However, there are no clan plaid kilts here, only earthy tones to subtly reflect status.

Snippets of bagpipes also come through every now and then adding to the Scottish atmosphere. We feel like we’re in the throes of battle with war paint boldly painted on the soldiers’ faces.

MACBETH feels gritty--from the rawness of the acting, to the dirt and sweat that bead the actors faces. This writer thinks that most fans of classic Shakespearian work will similarly be thrilled by American Players’ take on this Scottish play, and especially by how it keeps MACBETH firmly in its Scottish roots.



American Players Theatre MACBETH
Yao Dogbe, Laura Rook & Charles Pasternak


Josh Krause
Marcus Truschinski
Melisa Pereyra
Tracy Michelle Arnold
Carolyn Ann Hoerdemann
Samantha Newcomb
Triney Sandoval
Cristina Panfilio
Laura Rook
Kenneth La’Ron Hamilton II
Gavin Lawrence
Alys Dickerson
Laëtitia Hollard
Jennifer Vosters
Jeb Burris
Aila Peck
David Daniel
Xavier Roe
Sarah Day
Ted Deasy
Jamal James
Ty Fanning
Yao Dogbe
Charles Pasternak


James DeVita
Sara Becker
Erin Nicole Eggers
Daniel Tyler Mathews
Takeshi Kata
Michael A. Peterson
Josh Schmidt
Jessica Bess Lanius
Brian Byrnes
Brandi Mans
Evelyn Matten


Now through October 4, 2019


American Players Theater
5950 Golf Course Rd.
Spring Green, WI 53588



Full price tickets can be purchased online through the American Players Theater website or by calling the box office at 608-588-2361.

Photos:  Liz Lauren


Alexis Bugajski Photo: Liz Lin

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