Belmont Theater District Presents THEATER AND ART @THE PARK Review – Fun for Families and Art Enthusiasts of All Ages!

Laughs, children playing and parents ah-ing filled the air in Wrigley. The Belmont Theater District hosted Theater & Art @ The Park, which showcased local artists’ fine arts, crafts, and comedy entertainment throughout the day. This event is a ton of fun for families and a great way for local artists to share their work with the community.

As you walked through the festival, you were surrounded by the happiness of children despite the unfortunately cloudy weather. Children ran about as they moved enormous chess pieces while parents sat back and watched their kids play. A big oversized red chair about seven foot high was the main attraction for kids.  Meanwhile, parents watched biting their nails while their children climbed and jumped from its great height. These small attractions, specifically for the kids, brought games galore in the heart of Wrigley!

The event featured multiple performances throughout the day with acts including ComedySportz Laugh Factory Chicago, and Storytown Children’s Improv.

Comedy Sportz especially wowed the crowd with their great use of improvised comedy and inclusion of the children in attendance. One improvisation game was played where a volunteer dictated whether or not the comedian was acting the scene out correctly.  If not, the comedian had to change the action they just did until they got it right. A particularly memorable moment was when a teacher was brought on stage as the actors hilariously re-enacted her average day as a mother and teacher. She sat red –faced in the chair as comedian ‘Harz’, a scruffy older man), portrayed her overtly energetic daughter running around her classroom. Then, one comedian, had the teacher laughing out loud in her chair as he stormed into her classroom impersonating her principal. She continually pressed the incorrect button to get him to change how exaggerated he was in portraying her boss,  seemingly to not be complicit in his burlesque.

Belmont Theatre District Features Unique Art to Marvel At

Winding away from the laughs and giggles, many of the local artists in attendance showcased their colorful and spirited art . From 3-D paintings to vibrant jewelry, there was a booth for everyone to stop at.  

With Wrigley Field only steps away, it didn’t surprise that many of the arts and crafts stalls were showcasing  Cubs memorabilia and Cubs fan-art. Cubs-inspired arts and crafts were in ample supply and for sale to passers by.

Walking through a sea of children and parents looking at some new Cubs paintings to hang up in their home, one artist’s work jumped out.  In a sea of bright colors and sports enthusiasm, a collection of surrealist and realist paintings created with minimal color literally stopped this writer in her tracks.  In the back of this tent sat the artist, clad in a light brown hat. He was scribbling away at his sketchpad. He watched as some stopped and looked up, seemingly intrigued by their curiosity., Then, with his smiling duties discharged, he would eagerly look back down at his work.

We found out that his name is Nadja. This past year, Nadja had studied lithography printmaking with Shaurya Kumar, a professional printmaker, and professor at SAIC. His focus is on creating the realistic and emotional portraits of those he encounters and which we saw displayed in his booth.

This event was great for families to enjoy the festivities such as Storytown’s Children’s Improv Show and their fun mini-games throughout the festival. This event is recommended for those interested in learning more about the Wrigley art scene.

For more information on Theater and Art @ The Park and other events hosted by the Belmont Theater District, visit the Belmont Theater District’s website.

For more information about Nadja and his work, visit his website, Nadja Studios. 

Photography: Nicole Granados

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