BOOK BANNING — Join the Picture This Post Campaign to Stop Censorship of Thought and Expression

Picture This Post asks you to join our campaign to rally all concerned about book banning and censorship of thought and artistic expression.

Please CLICK A PICTURE  in this roundup to learn more about the Picture This Post Campaign and how you can get involved--

  • Donate to the organizations taking the lead in fighting book banning.

  • Add your voice to the growing round up of Testimonials about Banned Book(s) that Impacted  YOU  deeply-- and that you want to champion.

  • Arrange for your book club or book community to ADOPT A BANNED BOOK -- writing study guides for fellow book groups and championing the cause to fight its censorship.


  • Contribute an Interview or Thought Piece on book banning and artistic censorship. Find the entire roundup of artistic leaders who have contributed an interview or thought piece.

  • Join the Picture This Post Banned Book Project Team.

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