Broadway on Demand CELTIC ILLUSION Review – Irish Dance with a Twist

What do you get when you love Irish dancing and also have a passion for magic? For Anthony Street, the answer was simple. Combine the two into a new sensory experience for audience members. And thus, CELTIC ILLUSION was born.

Broadway on Demand CELTIC ILLUSION

Broadway on Demand Streams this Irish Dance Performance

CELTIC ILLUSION creates contemporary dance numbers with traditional Irish dance roots. Creator Anthony Street has performed the lead role in Michael Flatley’s The Lord of the Dance. If you’re familiar with this show or even Riverdance, you’ll find a lot of similar aspects between those and CELTIC ILLUSION.

There are numbers that will feel like that traditional Irish dance with both soft and hard shoe. Then there are numbers that feel more modern both in music style and dance form. There are some funky beats, an interpretive dance, and even a tribute to Michael Jackson complete with pelvic thrusts. We get a taste of trying to make a more modern Irish dance.

Bringing Together Different Art Forms

In addition to the dance numbers, CELTIC ILLUSION incorporates other art forms to create a variety show. There’s a fiddle and flute player duel, a vocal artist with songs sprinkled in, and of course the titular illusions.

The illusions part of this show are perhaps ones you might be familiar with. There’s some disappearing and reappearing, a little bit of close-up sleight of hand, and even the well-known floating lady trick.

Perhaps Trying To Do Too Much

For this writer, CELTIC ILLUSIONS feels like it has missed its goal of having everything work together to create something spectacular. Though the more traditional group dance numbers are well done and footwork is on point, in this writer’s opinion, many of the other elements didn’t meld together. It feels like by trying to do too much, everything is just so-so.

If you’re looking to experience the feel of Irish dancing with other variety acts thrown in, CELTIC ILLUSIONS might be a good show for you.  However, if you’re a somewhat schooled and avid fan of either, or both, Irish dance or illusions, this show might not be a good fit for you.

Broadway on Demand CELTIC ILLUSION
Broadway on Demand CELTIC ILLUSION


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Where to Watch

CELTIC ILLUSION is available to watch through the Broadway on Demand website

Images courtesy of Broadway on Demand

Alexis Bugajski Photo: Liz Lin

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