Musician/s: STRAINJER (led by Timothy Layn)

Music Genre:

Glam rock, pop rock, indie rock

For more information please visit STRAINJER Instagram page

A spokesperson describes the film as follows:

"...Layn’s “relentless thirst for new kinds of music” is easily heard in “Cherry’s Bent,” a passion that derives from the feeling of being an outsider and wanting to break that mold with a frenzied creative spirit. Throw in track mixing by Mark Needham (The Killers, Fleetwood Mac, Bloc Party) to add an extra dose of 1980s synth pop charm, and the result is a mesmerizing synth rock experience that showcases glitzy guitar riffs, captivating vocal melodies, and thumping bass line that steers this single into a beautiful spotlight..."

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Photos Courtesy of  CHERRY'S BENT

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