Chicago’s Pastor Pfleger Comments on the 32nd Annual Gospel Festival

Rev. Dr. Michael L. Pfleger, dressed in orange, to show solidarity with STOP GUN VIOLENCE DAY Photo: Peter Kachergis

Editor's Note: You can read our day one coverage of the Chicago Gospel Festival, and our day two coverage of the festival.

Pastor Pfleger was standing at the sidelines of the opening performances of the 32nd Annual Chicago Gospel Festival, clearly enjoying the music and also giving warm hellos to many in the crowd whom he seemed to know well. The youth choir from his church, Faith Community of St. Sabina, was one of the opening acts in the festival.

He was wearing a bright orange shirt that we later learned was a symbol of solidarity with STOP GUN VIOLENCE DAY in Chicago.

After their performance, Rev. Dr. Michael Pfleger (MP) graciously agreed to share his comments about the Chicago Gospel Festival with Picture this Post (PTP), which you can read here below.

PTP: When did you first hear Gospel music? Were you old enough to remember your first reactions to it?

MP: “High School—it was more than music to me. It touched the heart and soul.”

PTP: How many Chicago Gospel Festivals have you attended?

MP: “Probably about six.”

PTP: How does your church’s AMAZING HIGH ENERGY chorus fit into your overall ministry?

MP: “Music is a central ingredient to the worship service.”

PTP: Do you play any role in selecting the children for the choir?

MP: “No.”

PTP: What impact does the St. Sabina choir have on your faith community?

MP: “The choir not only impacts the congregation, but also transforms the lives of the choir members.”

PTP: Do you have any comments for our readers about Black Sacred Music?

MP: “This is music that touches the soul and crosses barriers of race, class, and denomination.”

PTP: Yesterday, Stop Gun Violence Day, must have been very busy for you.  It was wonderful when your choir leader pointed you out and waved his bright orange flag that matched your orange shirt to note his solidarity with the cause. Was it an especially busy day for you?

MP: “I was in a peace march earlier and also several meetings. But I wanted to support the children. I made a point of seeing them perform at the Gospel Festival.”

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Photos: Peter Kachergis

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