Chicago Gospel Festival: Meet the 2nd Nature Band

Meet the 2nd Nature Band

Editor’s note: ahead of the Chicago Gospel Music Festival on June 2nd and 3rd, Picture This Post interviewed some of the groups to get to know the singers and choirs performing.  Next is the 2nd Nature Band, who performed on Friday from 2:10-3:10. Please click on the voice memo below to listen as Dwayne Bradford discusses the origins of the band and their journey as gospel musicians.

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"Gospel music is important to me because that has been my foundation, and it has allowed me to, what I believe to be, a versatile musician because of all of the different styles that is incorporated within gospel music.  To this day gospel, the lyrics and message, have remained the same.  But the delivery is constantly changing and evolving."

"As the founder of 2nd Nature, I decided to become a professional musician my Freshman year of high school.  I knew I was going to be a professional musician, pretty much knew before then...Its never been a sideline for me, music has always been my thing.  That's how I was able to get a band like 2nd Nature."

"Gospel music is an ever-growing ever-changing phenomenon.  Because people are looking for new ways to push the envelope and be creative.  At the same time for me and my writing, even for 2nd Nature Band, in general with everyone involved, I don't think we are necessarily influenced by what the gospel community dictates that we write, what we create, what we do.  And I think thats what makes someone unique as artists, a band, or a producer, not following trends but finding your niche and your sound.  So for us, its about being unique, and not being influenced by the status quo."

Please click the voice memo below:


Photo courtesy of the 2nd Nature Band

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Photos provided by Dwayne Bradford.

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