Chicago Shakespeare Theater presents SHORT SHAKESPEARE MACBETH Review: Thrilling Shakespeare Adaptation

Chicago Shakespeare Theatre SHORT SHAKESPEARE MACBETH
Macbeth (Amir Abdullah) in Chicago Shakespeare Theater’s production of Short Shakespeare! Macbeth Liz Lauren

The lights start to come down, and Cage Sebastian Pierre comes on stage. He plays Ross in the production, but for now, he is simply an actor addressing the audience full of students. He introduces himself, and explains that we are about to see an abridged version of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth. He asks that we turn off our phones, and let go of the concerns of the outside world for just a little while. For those who are nervous they might not understand all of the language, Pierre assures them it will be alright:

“Stay with us, and I promise it will all make sense in the context of the story.”

 Immediately the boundaries are broken, and the audience of young people are invited to join the ensemble along for the ride of this production. There is an understanding that this might be a different experience for folks, and that is okay. All the actors ask is that we lean in and do the best we can. It is a short speech, but Pierre, full of humor and kindness, creates the perfect introduction for that which we are about to experience.

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Chicago Shakespeare Theater presents 2019 Short Shakespeare! Macbeth

 Written by William Shakespeare and adapted by Director Marti Lyons, the famous tragedy follows Macbeth (Amir Abdullah, a commanding presence in the role), a war hero who learns of the Weyard Sisters’ prophecy that he will become King of Scotland. He and Lady Macbeth (Tiffany Scott, with impressive strength) decide to take fate into their own hands and murder King Duncan (Kevin Theis) to make the prophecy a reality. However, as one might expect, things certainly do not go as they might hope, and quite a lot of blood drops due to this couple’s ambition. Full of witchcraft, swordfights, and deceit, Macbeth offers both a perfect introduction to Shakespeare’s tragedies, and a fun afternoon of theater for those who are long-time fans of the Bard (like this writer).

Chicago Shakespeare Theatre SHORT SHAKESPEARE MACBETH
Lady Macbeth (Tiffany Scott) has troubling visions, as her attendant (Sadieh Rifai) observes, in Chicago Shakespeare Theater’s production of Short Shakespeare! Macbeth Liz Lauren

Stunningly Crafted for a High School Audience

With Lyons at the helm, Chicago Shakespeare’s production offers multiple avenues of accessibility for a young audience – starting with the opening sequence. At the beginning, the audience is introduced to Macbeth as he wins his final battle against the Norwegians, becoming a war hero worthy of the new title “Thane of Cawdor.” In the midst of that, the audience meets the Weyard Sisters (Caroline Chu, Emma Ladji, and Caitlan Taylor in perfect harmony in each appearance), or the witches, who are about to announce the prophecy that changes Macbeth’s life forever.

Chicago Shakespeare Theatre SHORT SHAKESPEARE MACBETH
The Weyard Sisters (Caitlan Taylor, Caroline Chu, and Emma Ladji) in Chicago Shakespeare Theater’s production of Short Shakespeare! Macbeth Liz Lauren

Lyons and Choreographer Erin Kilmurray collaborate to make this sequence a truly theatrical event, complete with Sound Designer Mikhail Fiksel’s more modern score in the background. As we see Macbeth and his army fight, the witches dance in the midst – only “visible” to the audience. They weave in and out of the soldiers, signaling that their magical influence has already begun. Lyons interweaves the sisters into the story throughout the play, and immediately sets up this vocabulary at the very beginning with an intensely theatrical event. Looking around at the audience of young people surrounding me, they were clearly entranced, and this writer was not the only one to find this opening exciting to watch unfold.

Creative Storytelling

Lyons had no small task of adapting Macbeth into a shortened, 75-minute production for the Short Shakespeare season. However, this production is perhaps the clearest performance of Macbeth that this writer has seen, complete with double casting and design choices that further clarify and enhance the storytelling.

With little time for backstory, Costume Designer Mieka Van Der Ploeg utilizes specific colors to signify those who are members of the same family. For example, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth showcase stunning yellow and navy-blue ensembles, which helps us in the audience immediately place the two together as a unit. Banquo (Eric Parks) and his son Fleance (Ninos Baba) sport black and green, which is especially helpful in terms of clarity because Baba is also double casted as Prince Malcom, son of King Duncan.

Chicago Shakespeare Theatre SHORT SHAKESPEARE MACBETH
Lady Macbeth (Tiffany Scott) confronts Macbeth (Amir Abdullah) over his reluctance to take fate into his own hands in Chicago Shakespeare Theater’s production of Short Shakespeare! Macbeth Liz Lauren

Lyon’s double casting does not end there, and becomes even more creative. Each of the Weyard Sisters appears as a servant or guest at one point for one of the major houses. While the actor plays a different role each time, she keeps the face makeup of a witch in the costume change, creating that subtle connection that the sisters are always present.

Chicago Shakespeare Theatre SHORT SHAKESPEARE MACBETH
A Weyard Sister (Caitlan Taylor) emerges as an apparition summoned to deliver a prophecy to Macbeth in Chicago Shakespeare Theater’s production of Short Shakespeare! Macbeth Liz Lauren

One of the most striking examples of this double casting takes place during the famous banquet scene in which Macbeth sees Banquo’s ghost. As those who are familiar with the story might know, Macbeth has a hand in Banquo’s death, and we see a haunted physicalizing of his guilt. At first, each of the Weyard Sister actors seems to appear as a guest at the banquet, but with a sudden change in lighting, they swap roles and become the witches, maintaining their hold on Macbeth when he is the only one to witness both Banquo’s ghost and their presence in the room. Then with a sudden transition back in lighting, all returns to normal – the ghost is nowhere to be found, and the witches become typical guests at the party. Through this choice, Lyons heightens the magical tension in the scene, creating a frightening window into Macbeth’s slow decline.

Full of magic and deceit, Short Shakespeare! MACBETH is, in this writer’s opinion, a 75-minute event of non-stop theatrical excitement for students and adults alike.


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Amir Abdullah... Macbeth

Ninos Baba... Malcolm/Fleance

Caroline Chu... Weyard Sister

Yao Dogbe... Macduff

Ty Fanning... Lennox

Emma Ladji... Weyard Sister

Eric Parks... Banquo/Seyton

Cage Sebastian... Pierre Ross

Sadieh Rifai... Porter/Murderer

Tiffany Scott... Lady Macbeth

Leslie Ann Sheppard... Lady Macduff/Doctor

Caitlan Taylor... Weyard Sister

Kevin Theis... Duncan/Murderer/Siward

Creative Team

Marti Lyons... Adapter/Director

Scott Davis... Scenic Designer

Mieka van der Ploeg... Costume Designer

Paul Toben... Lighting Designer

Mikhail Fiksel... Sound Designer

Richard Jarvie... Hair and Make-up Designer

Matt Hawkins... Fight Choreographer

Erin Kilmurray... Choreographer

Larry Yando... Verse Coach


Running through March 16, 2019

Saturdays at 11:00am

Running time: 75 minutes, without intermission


Chicago Shakespeare Theater
800 East Grand Avenue
Chicago, IL 60611


If there are no Goldstar Discounts when you click above, make sure to check the Chicago Shakespeare Website to find out the full-price ticket availability.

Photos: Liz Lauren

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Lauren Katz is a freelance director and dramaturge, and new to the Chicago Theatre Scene. She recently moved from Washington DC, where she worked with Mosaic Theater Company of DC in Company Management, as well as directed around town with various theaters.

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