Chicago Sinfonietta GET OUT Film and Concert- Behold the Coagula

GET OUT w/ CHICAGO SINFONIETTA - A Highly Recommended, film screening with live, orchestral score conducted by the film’s composer, Michael Abels

You enter the historic Auditorium Theatre in Chicago’s South Loop amid the hustle & bustle of stilettos, trench coats, poofy scarves and leather tassels whooshing and clicking cacophonous rhythms. You inhale the invisible cloud of fruity florals and spicy musks interlaced with warm salty, buttery oil as you make your way through the crowd to take your classical folding seat before a seated orchestra with a projector screen suspended high above their heads.

Chicago Sinfonietta GET OUT Film and Concert

Chicago Sinfonietta Puts on a Classically Curated Grindhouse Experience

After the vocalists (notably an all Black group of singers), and first chair violinist enter and receive their applause, Michael Abels swaggers onto the stage with the quiet grace and easy charm an ancient Greek orator, then - after a brief introduction - invites the audience to engage with the film in whatever way emotion moves them to do so. The result, all of the pomp and ceremony of a classical concert merged with the boisterous conviviality of a midnight movie.

Chicago Sinfonietta GET OUT Film and Concert

Concert and Film Become One

Though this particular reviewer found the screen to be a bit small for the space it occupied and the lights on the orchestra a bit bright for a film screening, once the film began, these minor niggles disappeared beneath the experience. Music cues and the live audio mix were executed with such clockwork precision, one could easily have forgotten that the music was being made right there in front of them. It’s also worth noting that the moment in the film chosen to send the audience to intermission inspired gasps and belly laughs all at once. Fans of the film might be able to guess which moment that was.

Chicago Sinfonietta GET OUT Film and Concert

Return to the Sunken Place

This experience was one night only, but if/when it should return to Chicago or play in a theatre near your city, this show is Highly Recommended for people who have already enjoyed Get Out. Those who’ve not yet seen the film are advised to see it in a more traditional setting before engaging this unique and lively event.

Highly Recommended

Conductor/Get Out Composer

Michael Abels

Chicago Sinfonietta


Carol Dylan, Concertmaster

Karla Galva, Assistant Concertmaster Christine Chon*

Terrance Gray

Phyllis McKenny-Sanders

James Sanders



Karen Nelson, Principal

David Belden, Assistant Principal Lucinda Ali-Landing

Domnica Lungu

Gretchen Sherrell

Edith Yokley



Vannia Phillips, Principal

Scott Dowd, Assistant Principal Robert Fisher

Loretta Gillespie*

Danielle Taylor*



Ann Griffin, Principal

Edward Moore, Assistant Principal Emily Mantell

Don Mead

William Porter



Brenda Donati, Principal

Richard Edwards*, Assistant Principal Greg Sarchet*



Janice MacDonald, Principal


June Matayoshi, Principal


Wagner Campos, Principal Dileep Gangolli, Bass Clarinet



Sandra Bailey, Principal

Peter Brusen, Contrabassoon



Lee Shirer, Principal Elizabeth Mazur-Johnson John Schreckengost



Matt Lee, Principal John Burson



Robert Ho hines, Principal

Serdar Cizmeci*

John McAllister, Bass Trombone David Becker*, Contrabass Trombone



Rich Janicki*, Principal



Je rey Handley, Principal Jon Johnson

Tina Laughlin



Michael Keefe*



Tom Logan*

* Substitute

For information on upcoming performances visit the Chicago Sinfonietta website.

And for information on upcoming performances at this historic venue visit the Auditorium Theatre website.

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Photos:  Universal Pictures, courtesy of The Auditorium Theatre

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