Coney Island Film Festival Presents SOPHIE’S CHOICES Film Review — Antisocial Dilemma

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“The truth… The truth about being… an introverted…”

Pop-Tart in hand, Sophie leans into her desk, typing to discover the perfect opening for her blog post. Her voiceover is cheery as she thinks and types. The background music—gentle guitar strums and puffs from a flute—sets a peaceful mood.

“The truth about being an introverted extrovert... The truth about being an introverted extrovert is that rarely does anyone understand you.”

She nods victoriously, with a grin bright and growing—even while chewing the Pop-Tart. But amid laughter from the other room, Sophie straightens and the music halts.

Sophie’s Choices is a comedy and a wake-up call. Throughout the six-minute short, Sophie, played by Naomi Lindh, is forced to examine her social life when she hears what her friends really think of her. The drama escalates as we question just who the real Sophie is, and like this viewer, you too may wonder who is right and who is wrong.

This viewer enjoyed the performance of Sophie’s friends, played by Lily Narbonne and Dylan Cooper. Their gossip hurts Sophie and us, leaden with curses and name-calling as it is.

Sophie’s Choices is recommended for fans of drama, comedy, and snarky characters.


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Run time: 6 Minutes


Naomi Lindh
Lily Narbonne
Dylan Cooper
Matt Ketai


Directors: Lily Narbonne and Phil Serzo
Writers: Lily Narbonne and Chris McKee
Producer: Bad Guru
Music: Brenda Salazer
Film Editing: Chris McKee

Watch Sophie's Choices live on the Coney Island Film Festival website or streaming via Xerb.

Image Courtesy of Coney Island Film Festival

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