Dame Myra Hess Alumni News – Kate Carter and Louise Chan Pianoforte Studios Concert December 16

Pianist Louise Chan, Violinist Kate Carter and Clarinetist Andy Hudson

Poor Gustav Meowler!!!

It looks like the very playful musical duo, Kate Carter and Louise Chan, have picked up a third partner, clarinetist Andy Hudson, to perform on December 16 at Pianoforte Studios.  

From the poor cat's point of view that means a lot of practice time—something he really doesn't enjoy.

Watch Louise's cat Gustav run for the hills when Kate merely opens her violin case, and re-visit their profile on Picture This Post's Dame Myra Hess review page here - Playful Performance by Kindred Spirit Duo - Violinist Kate Carter and Pianist Louise Chan.  

On a more serious note, their program, titled “American Ingenuity”, seems very interesting.  Here are comments from the musicians on why they chose these works and what to listen for---

Sonata for Clarinet and Piano (1943) by Aaron Copland (20’)

  1. Andante semplice - Allegro
  2. Lento
  3. Allegretto giusto

(Trio member Hudson writes, "Originally composed in 1943 for the violin against the backdrop of WW2, Aaron Copland went on to transcribe and transpose that work into this Sonata for Clarinet.  Considering the work first as a violin sonata puts into perspective some of Copland's artistic decisions, and explains passages that perhaps are more easily executed on the violin than the clarinet.")

Variations and Capriccio (1948) by Norman Dello Joio (16’)

(Trio member Carter writes, "Dello Joio was a prolific composer of diverse genres. He is particularly known for his collaboration with Martha Graham which began in 1948. We find a lot of parallels with dance music in this piece, which has many upbeat rhythms and waltz-like figures."

Road Movies (1995) by John Adams (15’)

  1. Relaxed Groove
  2. Contemplative
  3. 40% Swing

(Trio member Chan writes, "Road Movies has three movements, each about 5 minutes long. the work is meant to evoke driving in the open road, and although there is constant motion, it is characterized by a lack of drama, much like taking a long road trip on the highway. The composer introduces it by saying, '“relax, and leave the driving to us".)

Trio for Clarinet, Violin and Piano (1993) by William Bolcom (15’)

  1. Twist of Fate
  2. Mazurka
  3. Apotheosis of J.V.
  4. Dithyramb

(Trio member Carter writes, "We were drawn to this wonderful trio by the range of expression and the bombastic energy of the outer movements, coupled with the playfully contorted Mazurka movement, as well as the lyrical slow movement – it has so much variety of expression.")


For more information or tickets visit Pianoforte Studios webpage about this concert. 

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Photo: Brittany Hudson

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