Dance Chicago Presents THE MODERN MARVELS INFJ Review – Personality Dance


What a cool idea!

Even before the strong opening of this dance, INFJ (Choreographer:  Kate O’Hanlon Bruns, Artistic Director), that was the thought of this reviewer.  (Full Disclosure: a one-time ENFJ, now old enough to be lingering in that murky middle where E-I, N-S, F-T, and J-P tend to merge that as one matures.

In case you don’t recognize the alphabet soup acronym, these are the four parameter pairs that make up the Myers-Briggs Personality Types.  The Modern Marvels Artistic Director first created this work as an undergrad to combine her two areas of study—dance and psychology.

Though this is an abstract work, early on the I feels palpable.  We see the dancers seeming to be taking in energy   Later, when their legs and hands feel the stage boundaries, we might scurry to our program to check if it’s an S  that somehow is involved???  In this way, the idea of the dance is as engaging as the dance itself.

These are three strong women whose love of movement is contagious.  In this writer’s view you need to be forewarned that they are not the kind of dancer athletes you see in the likes of the Joffrey or Hubbard. It may not be break-the-mold choreography, but it does engage.

Anyone nostalgic for the Dance Chicago of days gone by where different dance genres and troupes mingled in one program might concur that The Modern Marvels would be better served by a spot in such a program.  They would be one of the top tier gems you discover with a sense of serendipity that makes the festival worth your time.

What’s next?  Will it be a story ballet of how INFJ and ESTPs entangle?  Probably not, but based on this performance The Modern Marvels are a group to watch.



For information on upcoming performances, visit the Dance Chicago website.


Image courtesy of Dance Chicago.


Amy Munice

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