Factory Theater HOA

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The Factory Theater HOA
Image courtesy of The Factory Theater


September 9 - October 22, 2022

Sundays - 3 pm
Fridays - 8 pm
Saturdays - 8 pm


The Factory Theater
1623 W Howard St.
Rogers Park, Chicago



For more information and tickets visit The Factory Theater website.


Brent – Ben Veatch
Colleen – Erin Stewart
Patrick – Reginald Hemphill
Syd – Eric Frederickson
Barb – Devri Chism
Shawn – Michael Jones
Steve – Andrew Cawley
Cassie – Jen Betancourt
Maddie – Brittany Ellis
Daphne – Ashley Yates
Max – Chase Wheaton-Werle
Stephanie – Moira Begale
Stephanie U/S – Hilary Sanzel
Syd U/S – Daniel Vaughn
Cassie U/S – Sydney Back
Steve U/S – Cooper Bohn
Barb/Daphne U/S – April Lowery
Max/Shawn U/S – Ryan Blanchard
Maddie/Colleen U/S – Erika Rose
Brent/Patrick U/S – Colin Jackson


Playwright – Angelina Martinez
Director – Christy Arington
Associate Director – Melissa Golden
Stage Manager – Lindsey Chidester
Production Manager – Rose Hamill
Set Design – AJ Morely
Props – AJ Morely
Master Electrician – C.W. van Baale
Lighting Design – Pete Dully
Projections Design – Pete Dully
Costume Design – Jessica Van Winkle

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