Film Maudit 2.0 Festival Presents THORNS Film Review — A Trickster’s Scheme

In Thorns, Gwen is frustrated that she and Jade arrived at a motel later than planned. In their motel room, Jade consoles Gwen, assuring her that their trip will still be great. She holds Gwen’s head in her lap, and just when Gwen starts to feel better, the telephone interrupts them…

“Is your door locked?” A cryptic male voice asks. We can almost hear him smile. “We’ve had reports of break-ins in the area. You can never be too careful.” He hangs up immediately.

As Thorns continues, the stranger plays several tricks on them.

We are drawn in,  anticipating his next move.  At one point, while they are asleep, their door is cracked open and…

Thorns is recommended for fans of horror and cat and mouse games.


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Run time: 6 Minutes


Sydni Perry
Kathleen Burke
Tyler Buckingham


Director/Writer: Sarah Wisner and Sean Temple
Producers: Sarah Wisner, Sean Temple, Alex Woodruff, Tim Reis, and Darren Bailey
Music: Mattia C. Maurée
Film Editing: Sean Temple

Watch Thorns on the Film Maudit 2.0 website.

Images Courtesy of Film Maudit 2.0

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