Firebrand Theatre Presents 9 TO 5 THE MUSICAL Review- Pour Myself a Cup of Ambition

Fireband Theatre Goes Back to the 80’s

Shoulder pads, knee-length skirts, feathered hair, and even rotary phones have been resurrected for a new production of 9 to 5 The Musical. The color yellow welcomes you into the space as it’s on the floor and the color of the stairs leading up to Mr. Hart’s Office. The office has a very stark contrast to the bright yellow leading up to it and has fake wood paneling that actually resembles most of the 80’s movies that have office scenes. It also has a massive wooden desk in front of a copy the Rape of Persephone depicting Persephone being abducted by Pluto as someone looks on from the corner of the frame. The dark office and artwork depicting an assault looms over the yellow-infused playing space and the band that is tucked near a section of seating.

Firebrand Theatre 9 TO 5 THE MUSICAL
From center: Anne Sheridan Smith with (left to right) Michael Turrentine, Khaki Pixley, Ted Kitterman, Royen Kent and Tyler Symone Photo by: Emily Schwartz
Firebrand Theatre 9 TO 5 THE MUSICAL
Left to right: Sharriese Hamilton, Anne Sheridan Smith, Scott Danielson and Sara Reinecke Photo by: Emily Schwartz

Musically Speaking

The cast sounded amazing, but to this writer, seemed to struggle to be heard over the band. The moments where voices and instruments aligned were delightful though. Outside of the three leading ladies Sharriese Hamilton (Doralee), Anne Sheridan Smith (Violet), and Sara Reinecke (Judy) a memorable solo number came from Veronica Garza’s (Roz) “Heart to Hart” which showed hidden layers to the of the office snitch. It was also fun to watch chorus members step out of scenes and join the band and/or vice versa as needed. The mics had issues on opening night –on when they shouldn’t be, or too hot at times- -which likely will get fixed in later performances.

The Joys of Live Theatre

Aside from these sound issues, and Anne Sheridan Smith having to perform around a few wardrobe malfunctions, the team rallied remarkably and put on a fun show. While the major themes of the play are still sadly relevant, and some of Mr. Hart’s behavior is particularly appalling almost 40 years after the film was released, the production team put forth an exciting effort that lead to a ton of laughter (and at times applause and audible agreement from the audience). This production also leans into important social media movements, even going as far as listing hashtags in the back of the program, which is refreshing in today’s climate.

This show is ideal for ladies nights out, family outings with teens, and anyone who is looking for a fun night out after working their own 9 to 5 job.

Firebrand Theatre 9 TO 5 THE MUSICAL
Left to right: Sharriese Hamilton, Tyler Symone, Elizabeth Morgan, Veronica Garza, Khaki Pixley and Alyssa Soto Photo by: Emily Schwartz
Firebrand Theatre 9 TO 5 THE MUSICAL
From left to right: Sara Reinecke, Sharriese Hamilton and Anne Sheridan Smith with (back, l to r) Tyler Symone, Ted Kitterman, Veronica Garza and Elizabeth Morgan Photo by: Emily Schwartz


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Thru May 20th
Thursdays 7:30 pm
Fridays 7:30 pm
Saturdays 7:30 pm
Sundays 3:00 pm

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Emily Schwartz


Sharriese Hamilton
Anne Sheridan Smith
Sara Reinecke
Scott Danielson
Veronica Garza
Michael Turrentine
Royen Kent
Ted Kitterman
Elizabeth Morgan
Khaki Pixley
Alyssa Soto
Tyler Symone


Andra Velis Simon
Emily Barrett
Ricardo Santiago
Chel Hernandez
Sara Weddle


The Den Theatre's Bookspan Theatre
1331 N. Milwaukee Ave


$20 Student/Industry Rush Tickets
Tickets available at Firebrand Website


Harmony France
Andra Velis Simon
Kasey Alfonso
Eleanor Kahn
Virginia Varland
Heather Gilbert
Amanda Sager
Geoff Bleeker
Adelina Feldman-Schultz
Caswell James
JC Widman



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