Flying Film Festival Presents HOME IS NOT A PLACE Review – An Impossible Choice: Inhumane Mathematics


Sitting together elderly couple, Anna and Anton, recount their love story in this 15 minute film, one that was full of love and heartbreak. The story re-tells how Anton had to grapple with whether or not it was worth it to risk his family’s freedom for a reunion with his parents.

Flying Film Festival HOME IS NOT A PLACE
Photo from "Home Is Not A Place"
Flying Film Festival HOME IS NOT A PLACE
Photo from "Home Is Not A Place"

Tracing their story, the film is interwoven with shots of Anna and Anton in their youth, the couple cuddling, in addition to shots of their family members (Anton’s parents and Anna and Anton’s kids, Peter and Katarina). The film brings about a somber feeling as we learn about what life was like for Anton and the impossible choice he had to make: choosing between his parents or the safety of his wife and children. Katarina narrates part of this film,, speaking on what life was like for Anton and what the impact of his decision was like on her and her brother. The only sounds we hear in the film are sounds of nature and the voices of Anton and Katarina. These sounds are mixed with shots of the family smiling and together. The parallels between the happy footage and the narration deeply contrast the differences between what’s on the outside and what’s on the inside.

Filmmaker Clara Trischler is able to bring to light the struggles that many immigrants who are far away from their families have to make between the family that resides in their homeland and their newly established family. Anton describes this decision as one where he was forced to use “inhumane mathematics”. Through the harrowing story, the film evokes a bittersweet feeling. Even through all the hardships, the bond and love that Anna and Anton have for one another remains a happy note, with their love lasting until the end.

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Flying Film Festival HOME IS NOT A PLACE
Clara Trischler

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