Flying Film Festival Presents WHATEVER THE WEATHER review – Stark Story, Images Starker Still

Reminding this writer of the soul burning sun that Albert Camus describes with words as the desolate landscape where The Stranger story unfolds, Swiss film maker Remo Scherrer uses black and white animation to evoke events under a burning and blinding sun.

The world seems harsh and unforgiving, matching exactly the situation the story’s narrator describes. Her mother is an alcoholic, and in eleven minutes we experience the chaos this disease creates for her children and the cruelties of neglect or worse they must endure.

It’s difficult to imagine actors or cinematographers capturing the affect of this story as well as this docu-animation does. How perfect that this genre can make characters disappear from the page much as the narrator’s voice describes how invisible and unheard she was.

Remo Scherrer
Swiss Filmmaker Remo Scherrer

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Photos courtesy of Flying Film Festival.

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