FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION Film Review – Let’s Make a Film

A young, well-off woman receives a text from her friend who says she’s bored. A look comes over her face, and she responds, “let’s make a film and win some Oscars.”

This is Heather. After she sends the text, we cut to her with two of her friends, Stacia and Christa. They begin to discuss potential film ideas.

They talk about making an indie film that’s ethnic. This leads to shallow conversations about race, the #MeToo movement, immigration, and the prison system. When one of them points out that they’re being a bit problematic, the mood turns tense and uncomfortable–both for them and for us watching.

We see their level of ignorance not just in words, but in action.  As Heather talks about a film about a single mother, behind her comes into focus three real single mothers. When they talk about the issue at the border, their conversation becomes a voiceover as scenes of a single mom in a detention center fills the screen.

For Your Consideration brings these contrasts between the real-world and the characters’ world into stark color contrast relief. Each character is one color. Their clothes, phone cases and even their nails match. The bright colors and calm ambience of the café made it pleasing to view, while also making the women feel even more removed from the topics they’re talking about, portrayed instead in duller, darker colors.


In this short thirteen minutes of satire, the director, Poppy Gordon doesn’t let a minute go to waste – so don’t skip out on the end credits either! The actresses accurately get the voices, attitudes, and phrases of well-off privileged women. Their effect telegraphs that they are discussing societal issues that they don’t really know or care about. We also get to appreciate some well thought out one-liners. This writer couldn’t help but chuckle because of how accurate the dialogue feels.

Those who enjoy satire that confronts the ignorance that is often present in the film industry will appreciate For Your Consideration. However, those who want to watch a more eventful film, may want to skip this short.


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Poppy Gordon


Heather: Samantha Robinson
Stacia: Juliette Goglia
Christa: Tress Trotter
Gaby: Jasmin Carina
Skyler: Skyler Maxon
Anna Silver: Amanda Steele

For  more information visit the Director Poppy Gordon website

Images courtesy of For Your Consideration

Lisa Ryou

About the Author: Lisa Ryou

Lisa Ryou is from a suburb of Chicago. Having lived near Chicago her whole life, she is no stranger to the creative scene of the city. She is currently studying History, Museum Studies, and Art at the University of Michigan. She has been involved in fine arts her whole life and tries to use her works, both art and writing, as a way to give voice to BIPOC. When she is not at school, you can find her baking, reading, painting, or taking photos.

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