Greenpoint Film Festival Presents MERCI MECHANICS Review — Fixing the Inside

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Two androgynous mechanics dotted in soot from head to toe sit adjacent, backdropped by a repair shop as they explain their business.

“We began ‘Merci Mechanics’ parce que, we saw a need in the auto-market.”

“Exactly. So American mechanics, they focus on the inside of the car... and we focus on the inside of the car… owner. Voila."

Greenpoint Film Festival MERCI MECHANICS

What follows is three minutes of their antics, as they seek to fix their clients’ car problems through emotional support. This includes driving blindfolded to suspend belief of any control in our lives (which they call “suspension support), or oil painting their clients as sad clowns (an “oil change”).

Those who understand even a little French will further appreciate this film, as comprehending their nonsense raises the absurdity bar even higher!

This short film is reminiscent of the best skits from SNL or Portlandia, and anybody who finds humor in the absurd will likely enjoy themselves.


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Length: 3 minutes


Sabon: Lorena Russi
Kiko: Casey Legler
Greg: Matt Abedi
Horse Power: Jes Tom
Clown Painting: Chris De La Cruz
Blindfold: Jessica Taylor

Creative Team:

Creator/Producer: Lorena Russi
Director: Kat Lazo
Cinematographer: Dylan Lopez
Editor: Chris Alfonso
Audio: Vera Quispe

To watch this film, click the link for MERCI MECHANICS on YouTube.

For more information on the Greenpoint Film Festival where this film was featured visit the Greenpoint Film Festival webpage.

Images courtesy of Greenpoint Film Festival

Connor Grehan
Connor Grehan

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Connor Grehan is a History and Film student at Vassar College. A longtime music student, he plays the French Horn, participating in the school orchestra and even a whistling a capella group. He likes to read books and play video games in his spare time, organizing tournaments and other events at school.

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